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[Nettime-nl] 20/6, V2_: not.fromscrat.ch update
Florian Cramer on Thu, 19 Jun 2008 19:35:51 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] 20/6, V2_: not.fromscrat.ch update



1st year student show of the Piet Zwart Institute Media Design M.A.
tutored by JODI

Shoot: Friday,  June 20th  at 20.00 hrs - show host: Hajo Doorn
Rerun: Saturday, June 21th 13.00 at 18.00 hrs.
Studio V2_: Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam

Friday schedule:

20.00 icu slaPPing 
      directed by Leonie Urff

      a combination of CCTV and the phenomenon `Happy Slapping'. 

20.10 future Pixel directed by Mr. Sauli 

      "for the pixel, the future is now".  the world
      is ready for this new innovation in advertising: the lowly
      favicon rises to a new challenge. favicons micro advertising
      possibilities are endless.. 

20.20 "WWW!=tV" netWorks
      directed by Timo Klok

      What is the future of television? Will the active vloggers,
      e-pirates and youtube-addicts finally surpass the good old
      couch-potatos? In a haze of melancholy, "WWW!=TV" Networks
      provides several channels of platform-ambiguous video as a
      reversal of the phenomenon described above.

20.30 the fourgan, a modified eminent solina P200 electronic organ
      directed by Dennis de Bel
      The Fourgan consists of a typical home `practice' organ divided
      in four sections aligned in a square cross. This way, group
      performances up to eight people are possible.  Inspired by the
      minimal piano piece "Piano Phase" by Steve Reich from 1967 and the
      four piano setup of Simeon ten Holt's "Canto Ostinato" I composed
      a simple piece, to be played by four randomly picked persons from
      the audience.

20.40 hidden in Plain sight
      directed by Gottfried Haider

      a meditation on the nature of computer programming.  Acompiler
      compiles itself in a perpetual motion. Each generation then
      turns a (modified) version of the Quake III source code into an
      executable file and runs it.

20.50 Datateb 
      directed by Alexandre Leray 

      an add-on to your operating system that implements, figuratively
      speaking, "digital waste management", providing more efficient,
      customized file recycling strategies that minimize superfluous
      consumption of storage and transmission bits on personal

21.00 Sol LeWitt 2.0
      directed by Stéphanie Vilayphiou 

      Sol LeWitt's "Wall Drawings" are drawing made within instructions
      giving a programming aspect to the pieces. Sol LeWitt 2.0, based
      on Wall Drawing #340, invites visitors to send instructions to the
      human performer. While LeWitt's pieces brought up the question of
      what is the art work: idea or production?, Sol LeWitt 2.0 brings
      up the notion of authorship in LeWitt's "Wall Drawings".

21.10 Timopedia
      directed by Timo Klok 

      Launched in 2008 by Timo Klok, Timopedia is currently the largest,
      fastest-growing and most popular general reference work on Timo Klok
      available on the Internet.

21.20 Just Browsing
      directed by Serena Williams 

      Two kinds of browsers created by modifying the underlying markup
      languages of popular web sites: One layers pages on top of each
      other to reveal their stereotypical layout, the other strips
      the pages from their content to the pure structure of the user
      interface.  Both are completely usable, recognizable and utterly

21.30 aB(used) mediums
      directed by Marc Chia

      Technology is ambivalent. Dissatisfaction with prefabrication,
      Ab(used) Mediums.  With the current proliferation of sound/visual
      art concerts resembling an office setting. I have been exploring
      different ways of creating physical objects to interface with the
      computer, creating new ways of performing with the computer as an
      instrument but without the object itself taking center stage.

21.40 After-Party 


to rent this space, please go to http://not.fromscrat.ch/

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