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[Nettime-nl] Baltan Laboratories is looking for a director
Frens Frijns_STRP on Tue, 26 Aug 2008 18:41:48 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Baltan Laboratories is looking for a director

BALTAN LABORATORIES is a new media lab, based in Eindhoven, the
Netherlands. Eindhoven, as the city of Philips, High Tech Campus and the
TU/e university of technology, but also the Design Academy and the Van
Abbemuseum wants to take the next step in exploring and shaping the
relationship between technology and the arts. The lab is currently a
two-year experiment that will be continued if successful. One of the
lab's commissions is to research a contemporary version of La Poeme
Electronique. The lab will also examine in theory and in practice how an
ideal laboratory for art/science projects should look when pursued. In
October 2008, BALTAN will start its activities in a space of almost 500
m2 on the 8th floor of the SWA building in Strijp S. Strijp S is a
former 27 hectare industrial site that will be developed as Eindhoven's
second urban heart over the next 12 years. Strijp S also houses the
famous, original Philips NatLab (physics laboratory), which serves as an
inspiration for BALTAN. BALTAN's artistic staff comprises Gideon Kiers
and Lucas van de Velden from Telcosystems, Geert Mul and Marc Maurer. 








1.	Daily management of the BALTAN LAB organisation 


2.	Setting up an intrinsically fascinating two-year programme
together with the board and artistic staff and subsequently fleshing out
and implementing this programme.


3.	Acquiring grants and sponsorship


4.  In collaboration with the board, ensuring the continuation of the
BALTAN LAB after two years and developing a blueprint for the next phase


4.	Representing the BALTAN LAB to the public and positioning the
LAB nationally and internationally


5.	Developing and implementing a communication plan


6.	Maintaining contacts and setting up collaborative projects with
commerce, authorities and education



Further details

-       This position is for 32 hours a week. 

-       Desired starting date for the position is the 1st of October

-       The Director must reside in or be willing to relocate to
Eindhoven or the immediate vicinity.

-       More information can be obtained from Ton van Gool, chairman of
the board, through ton {AT} baltan.org

-       Applications must have been received by the 15th of September
and must be sent to ton {AT} baltan.org



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