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[Nettime-nl] Upgrade! Eindhoven Sept 8 - Anita Fontaine
pare [dse] on Mon, 1 Sep 2008 11:16:18 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Upgrade! Eindhoven Sept 8 - Anita Fontaine

Upgrade! Eindhoven is pleased to invite you for:

Anita Fontaine (AU)
8 September, 20.00 pm – 22.30 pm (doors open 19.30)
Temporary Art Centre (TAC)

Australian artist Anita Fontaine works in the realm of interactive,  
motion and new media. She creates conceptually challenging and surreal  
experiences to expand the parameters of new media and the moving  
image. Recent work includes CuteXdoom, Ghostgarden and Tecnocolr - The  
Harlequin Lodge (a construction in Second Life).

Anita Fontaine presents an introduction to her work. Next, an  
informal, in-depth discussion will create room to exchange ideas
about ‘Art vs Science’. Is art hacking technology? Or is technology  
challenging responsive creativity? Meet a group of interesting people,  
exchange ideas about projects and get inspired!

MAD emergent art center Eindhoven hosts the third Upgrade! Eindhoven  
gathering in TAC.
Upgrade! Eindhoven is part of an international network of nodes united  
by art, technology, and a commitment to bridging cultural divides.

more >> http://mad.dse.nl/upgrade/

MAD emergent art center
mad {AT} dse.nl
Tel. 040 21 33 032

René Paré
pare {AT} dse.nl

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