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[Nettime-nl] --- “I Have Something To Hide” ---
Mieke Gerritzen on Fri, 19 Sep 2008 10:11:09 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] --- “I Have Something To Hide” ---

Saturday september 20
time: 8 pm
location Dijksgracht building ( between the railway and Piet Heinkade)

“I Have Something To Hide”
by the Sandberg Institute Design dept.

Our society is driven by an obsession with gathering personal data.  
Politicians and businesses say it’s for our own good, and we  
collaborate by filling in countless databases with our personal  
details on Hyves, Facebook, YouTube and our local supermarket. But  
what if we can’t trust those who have access to this data? In that  
instance, all usual means of communication become useless. We will not  
be able to mail, call, sms, etc.. So, what if we have something to hide?

This presentation includes: the ‘Making of’, several speeches by  
Sandberg students and Rob Schröder and ofcourse the documentary will  
be shown, while enjoying snacks and drinks + privacy party.

The programme:

20.00 introduction: Rob Schröder
20.10 Marco Ugolini introduces and shows the documentary: ‘I Have  
Something To Hide’
20.40 Rob Schröder introduces the actions
20.45 Florian Conradi, Gahlia Elsrakbi and Isabel Lucena explain their  
actions (t-shirts Isabel?)
21.00 Rob interviews Kamiel Vorwerk about the billboard-object. Kamiel  
invites the public for pigeon-snacks and drinks.
21.15 — break —- snacks and drinks
21.30 Kamiel Vorwerk introduces the documentary Suspect Nation
21.15 — break —-
23.00 Rob Schröder introduces his documentary Off a different kind
00.00 DJ Vitor Peixoto brings pigeon grooves

For several months, students of the post-graduate design department of  
the Sandberg Institute have taken refuge in an age-old communications  
medium, and exchanged messages about their ’secret’ actions addressing  
privacy in the city - by pigeon post. During ExperimentaDesign  
Amsterdam 2008, the project continues at a pigeon house built for this  
occasion, which doubles as a billboard and a place for debate. At  
night, the billboard will be used as projection screen for showing  
films and documentaries on privacy issues. Meanwhile the students will  
carry on with their public action in town.
More information: www.pigeonproject.net en www.experimentadesign.nl
For questions: design {AT} sandberg.nl

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