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[Nettime-nl] De Balie | zat 15 nov: de smart ID card in India
Richard de Boer on Thu, 13 Nov 2008 11:24:58 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] De Balie | zat 15 nov: de smart ID card in India

Beste nettimers,

Dit weekend haakt de Balie bij het Indiaspektakel in Amsterdam aan  
met een serie programma's onder de titel India Express. Over de  
conferentie By-Pass is op nettime-nl al een en ander voorbijgekomen,  
ik wijs alleen even kort op het verdere programma van die zaterdag in  
De Balie, namelijk in de avond een praatje over de geplande nationale  
smart ID card in India (Taha Mehmood) en een plaatje (Rebel Up!  

Voor een overzicht zie:

Hieronder meer info in het Engels.

  – Richard


Sat 15 Nov | 21.00 hrs
India Express | Debate 2: Beyond the Digital Divide
talk & debate

Is identity a public good? The Indian government is planning the  
introduction of a national smart identity card (MNIC) that should  
bridge the gap between the common man and the government. But nobody  
knows who exactly is an Indian citizen. Researcher Taha Mehmood  
sketches out the contemporary political landscape in India to situate  
the problem of re-distribution of public goods and its relationship  
to the socio-economic or ethno-religious identification of persons.  
In the Indian context, the allocation and distribution of a national  
identity through the proposed national identity card seems far from a  
just one.

After the talk, we will discuss these and other issues concerning  
India's information society questions with Taha Mehmood and Solomon  
Benjamin. Is the digital divide in the Indian society – which is  
divided along caste, class and gender – actually getting narrower, as  
many claim?

Admission € 7,- (€ 5,- with discount)
Live stream www.debalie.nl/live


Sat 15 Nov | 23.00 till 01.30 hrs
Rebel Up! Soundclash DJ + VJ
music in the foyer

A mashed stew of special folkpop, known and unknown cinematic tunes  
from Bollywood and other Indian states and some straight-up raw folk.  
The VJ will show a interesting divide between the Bollywood image of  
India and the *real* streetwise India as filmed by our VJ during our  
travels last year.

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