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[Nettime-nl] MS Stubnitz experimental concertdates this week
pr on Wed, 10 Dec 2008 13:16:08 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] MS Stubnitz experimental concertdates this week

Dear friends of the MS Stubnitz,

the cultureship Stubnitz will stay quiete a bit longer in Amsterdam Noord
as expected. Therefore i am very glad to present you some more fine
concerts this week. Doors will be open at 20:30.
We will start tomorrow, tuesday the 10th with an experimental dark night
of hip hop Live: Dälek + Destructo Swarmbots.

live: Destructo Swarmbots (nyc, public guilt)

?Spaced-out psychedelic ambient noise, a droning, drifting soundscape for
journeys through the far, frozen reaches of outer space, or perhaps a
journey to the center of your mind; either way, this is truly excellent
music for zoning out. The man's droning psych pimp hand is strong...!?
-Dead Angel

live: DÄLEK (nj, ipecac recordings)

Dälek has rightfully gained iconic status as one of the finest alt-hip hop
bands of our time. Until recently ?resolutely underground?, Dälek
methodically undermines every idiotic idiom perpetuated by mainstream rap,
choosing instead to blend assaultingly hypnotic rhymes with a corrosively
atmospheric, electronica-inflected hard rock sensibility. Combine all this
with an undeniable lyrical intelligence and absolutely no illusions about
the world we live in and you?ve got a duo that effortlessly embraces
genres--from hip hop to jazz, from jazz to metal, from metal to punk, from
punk to noisecore, from noisecore back to hip hop. Think My Bloody
Valentine + Tool + early Wu Tang combined with Massive Attack and Aphex
Twin and you only begin to wrap your brain around what Dälek has unleashed
with each album release, each collaboration, each remix?



On Sunday the 14th we will presenting a little Holy Mountain label special
with The Shining Path (US) and The Julie Mittens (NL):

live: The Shining Path (US)

The Shining Path is the "rock band" version of minimalist duo Ilya Monosov
and Preston Swirnoff. Like This Heat or Metabolist, The Shining Path are a
Can/Faust-loving group that also exhales expansive psychedelic guitar
with hints of Greg Ginn and the High Rise discography while tripping balls
to a violent, throbbing, not-always-sosteady, Suicide-like rhythm.

live: The Julie Mittens (NL)
"Guitar/drum/bass trio spilling streams of disorientating one-note
melodies into thick washes of primitive howling sound-blasts."



I hope to see you aboard!

Andreas Gerdel
MS Stubnitz
pr {AT} stubnitz.com

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