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[Nettime-nl] Radikal Dub Kolektiv aboard MS Stubnitz, December, 29th
pr on Fri, 26 Dec 2008 12:40:16 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] Radikal Dub Kolektiv aboard MS Stubnitz, December, 29th

Dear friends of wicked sounds,

at December 29th the MS Stubnitz (Amsterdam Noord) is presenting an
evening full of electronic, ambientic and dub sounds for your ears.

We will be having the Zagreb Dub, Reggae, Ambient band Radikal Dub
Kolektiv aswell as the Amsterdam based DJs Hakki Takki and Another Nice
Mess aboard.

Facts in short:
MS Stubnitz - Amsterdam Noord - take free ferry from CS
Fee: 5?

See you aboard soon and a merry christmas!

Radikal dub kolektiv was formed in 2002.and is based on d.i.y. underground
ethics. It consists today of; Vanja ? keys, Jadranko ? guitar, Vrki ?
bass, Vedran ? drums and Damir ? sound. On the first album (2004), we
started to create a sound with our combination of dub, reggae, ska,
punkrock and trance/ambient sounds. The material on ?Bass Matters?
represents the beginning of an new era for the band, when we concentrated
on playing and producing live, upbeat dub music. Even though some of these
songs are already 2 years old, this is the first release of studio
recordings of them, and we think they still contain new energy. Since our
first album was released, we lost almost half of the band; due to
maternity, personal issues, differing attitudes and death! Despite all
this we somehow managed to almost continually play shows including a
couple of European tours, and a good number of one off shows. We will be
touring hard for the foreseeable future also. Members of the Kolektiv were
and still are involved in many different activities; such as playing with
other bands (Abrakha-dub-r, Bijes zdravog razuma, Bilk, Drotweiler, Motus,
Nula, Radikalna promjena, and others), music publishing and distribution
through labels:like Humanita Nova, Zvuk Mocvare, and Kingston, party and
event promotion
RDK SOUNDSYSTEM (http://myspace.com/rdksoundsystem), also plays and
composes music; playing with a live digital dub mix.
Alongside the music we all want and work for this world to be a better
place. Yeah.

DJ: Hakki Takki (A-dam)
Hakki Takki is a 28-year old sound-do-it-your-self-artist and dj. He
has a musical taste in electro-hardcore bleeps, sampling madness and cosy
music frrom everywere and knows how to experiment with electronic dance
music. His approach is new and innovating. Hakki's live-acts are always a
surprise. He loves performing, playing live with music is his method of
creating music. This sound freak started Plattegrond records and is doing a
radio show on dfm.nu called Radio Wasmachine. The sound of Hakki Takki can
be described as spontaneous, energetic but most of all it is uninhibited and

DJ: Another Nice Mess (A-dam)
"What a difference it makes to have a DJ hitting on the moment - records
that astonish, full of bizarre and unexpected twists; one minute you're
thinking how beautiful life sounds, the next how scary, then how strangely

Andreas Gerdel
MS Stubnitz PR Coordinator
pr {AT} stubnitz.com

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