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[Nettime-nl] Reminder: print/pixel, 12+13 mei
Florian Cramer on Sun, 10 May 2009 20:54:06 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Reminder: print/pixel, 12+13 mei

International conference on the shifting relation between electronic and
paper publishing.
Rotterdam, Netherlands 12+13 May 2009

With e-books, print-on-demand and other hybrid media, online and offline
media can no longer be separated, but complement each other. What
advanced cross-media and computer-generative publication and design
strategies exist beyond copy-paste? How do new technological
developments and the crisis of print news media change the world of
designers, editors and publishers? International cutting-edge designers,
software developers, publishers and researchers will give insight into
their own solutions and discuss the future of publishing.

Organized by the research project Communication in a Digital Age, Piet
Zwart Institute, Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam University

Tuesday & Wednesday 12-13 May 2009
11:00-17:00 public sessions [free admission for everyone], 
            main building WdKA Rotterdam
19:30-22:00 professional sessions, Groot Handelsgebouw Rotterdam
            [registration required, see below]

Tuesday, 12 May
Public session

Main building Willem de Kooning Academy, Blaak 10, 3011 TA Rotterdam
Train, metro, bus and tram station: Rotterdam Blaak

Florian Cramer, Lector, Piet Zwart Institute WdKA
Introduction: Print-on-demand, e-books, XML, cross-media publishing,
programmed design. The new convergence of online and print

Marc Regeur, Sony Benelux
Sony's e-book platform

Lunch break

Gerrit Imsieke, le-tex, Leipzig, Germany
Creating/generating reflowable e-books

Petr van Blokland, Buro Petr van Blokland + Claudia Mens, Delft
index2.xml: graphic design and programming


Patricia Albanese, Matthew Bernius, Tona Henderson, Michael Riordan,
Open Publishing Lab (OPL), Rochester Institute of Technology, USA
Taking Open Source publishing further: Cross-media publishing tools from
the Open Publishing Lab

Aldje van Meer, CrossLab, Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam
Electronic paper: a student project from the CrossLab of the

17:00hrs End

Throughout the day: Peter Zuijderwijk, Lauran Schijvens, Jouke
Klezemberen, Arie Altena & students of the WdKA Minor Editorial Design
[Redactioneel Ontwerpen]: Realtime production of a conference newspaper
running parallel to the conference

Professional session

This part of the conference consists of short presentations and a
roundtable discussion for a small audience. It provides an alternative
to the more extensive public day conference for publishing, design and
media professionals.

Groot Handelsgebouw, Stationsplein 45, 3001 GB Rotterdam, Orchidee
(Orchid) room
Train, metro, bus & tram station Rotterdam Centraal

Short presentations by Sony, Gerrit Imsieke (le-tex), Petr van Blokland,
Patricia Albanese, Matthew Bernius, Tona Henderson, Michael Riordan
(Open Publishing Lab), Alessandro Ludovico (research fellow), Marc
Schwieger (Scholz+Friends), Alessandro Ludovico (research fellow Piet
Zwart Institute) + round table with all participants

Wednesday, 13 May
Public session

Main building Willem de Kooning Academy, Blaak 10, 3011 TA Rotterdam

Alessandro Ludovico, Neural Magazine, Bari, Italy, research fellow Piet
Zwart Institute
Introduction: The mutation of magazine and book publishing

Edwin Schravesande, media workgroup NRC Handelsblad
Electronic media strategy of NRC Handelsblad

12:10 hrs
Online versus print: Do newspapers have a future?
Roundtable with Edwin Schravesande, Lou Lichtenberg, Stimuleringsfonds
voor de Pers, Den Haag, co-author of De krant doorgeklikt (Clicking
through the newspaper), Matthew Bernius, Open Publishing Lab, Rochester,
USA, Marc Schwieger, Creative Director, Scholz & Friends, Hamburg,

13:00hrs Lunch break

Simon Worthington, OpenMute publishers, London, England
Print-on-demand and networked community publishing: A vision for
sustainable media

Alessandro Ludovico, Research fellow Piet Zwart Institute
Lessons from the underground: How small media practices anticipated
current media developments

Peter Zuiderwijk & Lauren Schijvens & Arie Altena & students WdKA
Summary presentation of the real-time conference newspaper project

15:30hrs Break

16:00 hrs Final discussion, moderated by Florian Cramer
The future of publishing: how designers need to adapt.

17:00hrs End

Professional session

Groot Handelsgebouw, Stationsplein 45, 3001 GB Rotterdam, Orchidee
(Orchid) room
Train, metro, bus & tram station Rotterdam Centraal


Short presentations by NRC Handelblad, Lou Lichtenberg
(Stimuleringsfonds voor de pers), Matthew Bernius (Open Publishing Lab),
Simon Worthington (OpenMute), Alessandro Ludovico (research fellow) +
round table with all participants

For more information and registration for the professional session,
contact Saskia Brandt Corstius, s.w.brandt.corstius {AT} hro.nl

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