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[Nettime-nl] ODF Interoperability Event 15-16 June
Verzendlijst voor alle Nederlandstalige leden van OpenDoc Society on Fri, 29 May 2009 11:16:07 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] ODF Interoperability Event 15-16 June

The Hague, 26 May 2009

Dear members of OpenDoc Society,

we are very delighted to send you an invitation from the Netherlands
minister for Foreign Trade, Frank Heemskerk, to participate in a two
day ODF Interoperability Workshop (Plugfest) in the Royal Library, The
Hague Netherlands [1]. This event is organised by the Netherlands
government programme NoiV [2] together with OpenDoc Society on June
15/16th 2009 and wants to bring together implementors of OASIS
OpenDocument Format/ISO 26300 to unilaterally test and discuss
implementation issues of ODF with each other.

The workshop is targeted at people who write and architect the code to
handle the actual ODF in applications. The ultimate goal is to achieve
full seamless interoperability for the entire feature set(s) of
ODF across all suppliers, platforms and supported technologies. In
addition a number of observers from public bodies, as well as
independent experts will attend. Speakers include Bart Hanssens
(FEDICT), Rob Weir (TC chair), Patrick Durusau (editor), Marino Marcich
(ODF Alliance), Sander Marechal (Officeshots.org), J. David Ibáñez
(Itaapy), Bert Bakker (OpenDoc Society) and Ineke Schop (NoiV).

A personal invitation of the minister and of Ineke Schop, program
manager of the Netherlands government action plan, is attached
[3] to this e-mail as is the programme [4] for this two day event.
Confirmed participants already include companies from Adobe to Zcubes,
from Microsoft, IBM and Oracle to open source communities like
OpenOffice.org and Abiword.

Participants are responsible for their own flights, hotels and meals.
However, non-commercial open source implementors can apply for a grant
to fly in through OpenDoc Society.

More information can be found here: http://odfworkshop.nl.

We hope to see you in The Hague on June 15/16th.

Kind regards,

on behalf of the organising team

Fabrice Mous and Michiel Leenaars

[1] http://www.odfworkshop.nl
[2] http://www.noiv.nl/noiv/en
[3] invitation-interoperabilityworkshop-ministerForeignTrade.pdf
[4] programme-ODFPlugest.pdf


If you have questions, please contact Fabrice Mous at NOiV / ICTU:

Wilhelmina van Pruisenweg 104; PO BOX 84011
2508 AA  The Hague
The Netherlands
T    +31 (0)70 888 78 63
M    +31 (0)648 58 51 62
E    fabrice.mous {AT} noiv.nl
W    www.noiv.nl

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