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[Nettime-nl] [Open Thread Radio] Launch Party: THU July 23rd 2009
M.A. Kampman on Tue, 21 Jul 2009 17:36:09 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] [Open Thread Radio] Launch Party: THU July 23rd 2009


"The geeks shall inherit the universe"

To introduce Open Thread Radio to all new media interested people in
Amsterdam and surroundings,
we invite you to come to the launch. Where you can experience, connect,
network with other like-minded
people over a drink. Radio interviews will be held for OTR about the subject
of podcasting with amongst
others Martin Simek and Peter Vasterman.

location: Desmet Studio's
address: Plantage Middenlaan 4a, Amsterdam
date: thursday 23 juli 2009
time: Iopen from 18.00, official opening and interviews between 19.30 –

If you like to come, please send an email to: minkam {AT} openthread.com

Background Information
Open Thread Radio is a podcast for like-minded individuals to share
information and discuss how society
is changing and evolving, as a result of the accessibility of digital media.
In its programming 'threads',
OTR identifies certain themes, such as the economics of digital media, or
the question of fame in a digital
age. OTR was originally conceived by Sanderyn Amsberg, Nick Hansen and Kemal
Rijken in October
2008, as they realised that some of the observations gained from the Open
Thread Ltd. research
programmes would be also be of interest to a wider audience.

In our evolving information society, Open Thread Radio brings together fresh
ideas, insights and opinions
to create a knowledge base of the most innovative strategies in
incorporating digital media into effective,
modern organisations.

Open Thread Radio is accessible through its dedicated URL,
and is catalogued as a podcast on the iTunes Store.
For more information on Open Thread Radio, contact radio {AT} openthread.com or
call our London headquarters on +44 (020) 7558 8205.

All the best and see you thursday,

Minke Kampman
production coordinator Open Thread Radio
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