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[Nettime-nl] Jussi Parikka: “Dead Media/Live Nature: Media Ecologies of
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[Nettime-nl] Jussi Parikka: “Dead Media/Live Nature: Media Ecologies of Animal Intensities”

ASCA Matinees: Imagined Futures of the Cinematic Dispositif

From October till December 2009, the “Imagined Futures” research group is organizing three matinees around the redefinition(s)/ reconfiguration(s) of the cinematic dispositif. The matinees will be held on each last Friday of the month, 10.30 - 13.00 hrs. Location: Bungehuis, Spuistraat 210, room 101. Breakfast will be served! Each session will include an international guest speaker and a respondent from within the ASCA community.

The first session takes place on Friday, October 30. The speaker is Jussi Parikka from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK. His talk, entitled “Dead Media/Live Nature: Media Ecologies of Animal Intensities,” will focuses on the transpositions of media and nature through recent art projects such as Harwood, Wright and Yokokoji’s Eco Media (Cross Talk) and Garnet Hertz’s Dead Media lab. The Eco Media project developed new modes of thinking media (ecology) through a tracking of the intensities of nature. However, in this case the medium is understood in a very broad sense to cover the ecosystem as a communication network of atmospheric flows, tides, reproductive hormones, scent markers, migrations or geological distributions. The project does not focus solely on the ecological crisis that has been a topic of media representations for years, but engages also with a more immanent level of media ecology in a manner that resembles Matthew Fuller’s call for ”Art for Animals.” Media is approached from the viewpoint of animal perceptions, motilities and energies (such as wind) that escapes the frameworks of “human media.” In this context the rhetorical question of the Eco Media project concerning non-human media is intriguing: “Can ‘natural media’ with its different agencies and sensorium help to rethink human media, revealing opportunities for action or areas of mutual interest?” In addition the talk will expand the notion of “dead media” as articulated recently by Garnet Hertz, and discuss its relevance for establishing a connection between media ecology and media archaeology.

The following sessions are scheduled on November 27th and December 18th. Details about these two sessions and the featured speakers will be announced shortly.

We need to have an idea of how many will participate. Please register by sending an e-mail to Eloe at asca-fgw {AT} uva.nl.
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