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[Nettime-nl] Almost Cinema starting this week in Ghent
Eva DeGroote on Tue, 6 Oct 2009 20:26:00 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Almost Cinema starting this week in Ghent

Exhibition Almost Cinema 2009
Featuring works by Hans Op de Beeck â Celebration (Belgian premiere); Bram Vreven â Rays; Aernoudt Jacobs â Permafrost (premiere); Felix Hess â Itâs in the air; Jean-NoÃl Montagnà â Je te parlerai dans un reflet de lumiÃre; Pablo Valbuena â Augmented sculpture series (created for Almost Cinema); Kurt DâHaeseleer & BÃrengÃre Bodin â Je connais des gens qui sont morts (premiere of the installation and performance); Juliana Borinski â LCD.

In the Almost Cinema programme, Vooruit investigates how cinema can break away from the screen. Visitors are invited to step right into the middle of the cinema experience, and experience the dynamics of basic cinematic principles like light, sound, space and movement more intensely. And it is usually the small, simple or subtle things that amaze us: tiny ripples in the new film painting by Hans Op de Beeck, Bram Vrevenâs fascinating game of black and white fields and volumes or Felix Hessâs flowing movement of small flags.
In his new installation, Aernoudt Jacobs experiments with the sound of cracking ice. Sound artist Felix Hessâs intervention in the space makes the visitor spontaneously prick up his ears and observe in silence. Like this, Hess draws attention to the effect of silence instead of sound.
Since his projection on Den Haagâs city hall last summer (part of todaysart festival), Pablo Valbuena has continued to amaze audiences with âaugmented spacesâ. His newest work for Almost Cinema, âextended seriesâ, places an aesthetic game with space centrally. The interactive installation by Jean-NoÃl Montagnà confronts the visitor with the limitation of the feeling of space, as the inhabitants of (conflict) areas confronted with a separation wall experience on a daily basis.
Juliana Borinski tries to recreate the magic of pre-cinema in the movements of liquid crystals, which can be found in modern computer and television screens. Kurt DâHaeseleer & BÃrengÃre Bodin have created a moving landscape with inflatable objects in which live performances communicate with (the reflection of) video images.

Live programme Almost Cinema 2009
Some highlights, full program here http://vooruit.be/en/serie/50
KAIROS - Wed 14 Oct, Minard
Kairos is a short science fiction film by Belgian artist Alexis Destoop and American writer Aaron Schuster. Filmed mainly in the Australian outback, the movie deals with questions of time and landscape, colonization and desertification. The film follows the adventures of Larry Church, an agent of Collective Time Flow (CTF), a government organization created in the aftermath of the Great Temporal Catastrophe to take control of the passing of time and ensure that the population remains synchronized.
The evening at Vooruit highlights the unique soundtrack of the film, composed and performed by internationally renowned experimental musicians Oren Ambarchi and Stephen OâMalley. Their musical creation is an integral part of the Kairos universe, dramatizing the breakdown of time through a sonic texture which moves between repeating pulse and clashing dissonance.

CINÃMA INVISIBLE - Thu 8 Oct, Vooruit (Domzaal)
Heleen Van Haegenborgh, Kohn, Lander Ghyselinck, Kristof Roseeuw, Kelly Schacht and Jasper Rigole
With the arrival of CDs and mp3s, the glory days audio cassettes seem well behind us. However, old, self-made tapes remain a must-have for many a music lover. Pianist Heleen Van Haegenborgh, up-and-coming drummer Lander Gyselicnk, double bass player Kristof Roseeuw and electronica artist JÃrgen De Blonde, a.k.a. KÃhn still cherish the magic of the audiotape.
For their CinÃma Invisible project, Van Haegenborgh and her colleagues work with old audiotapes from the archive of visual artist Jasper Rigole. His âInternational Institute for The Conservation, Archiving and Distribution of Other peopleâs Memoriesâ is a continuously expanding multimedia archive of found private documents.
For CinÃma Invisible, the musicians work with private recordings of, for example, a holiday. They create an audio drama, a film without pictures, where the audio material forms the basis for the musical improvisation. The musicians focus on the relation between text, music and silence as well as on the images that these convey. Visual artist Kelly Schacht takes care of the set design.

BALTAN Laboratories presents: Tez, Synchronator and Edwin van der Heide â FRI 9 oct, Vooruit (Domzaal and Balzaal)

On Friday, October 9, BALTAN Laboratories presents an evening dedicated to explorations of unseen and unheard audiovisual territories at Almost Cinema 09, a production of the Vooruit Arts Centre and the Ghent Film Festival.

The evening features live performances of three works that, using a minimal and formal approach, create an own time-space continuum: LSP by Edwin van der Heide, SYNCHRONATOR by Bas van Koolwijk & Gert Jan Prins and PV868 by TeZ. Talks with the artists and a panel discussion before the performances will shed light on the research, the motivations and the working processes of the featured artists.

NATURE THEATER OF OKLAHOMA â RAMBO SOLO - Thu 15, Fri 16, Sat 17 Oct, Vooruit (Balzaal)
Young New York company Nature Theater of Oklahoma, which performed Poetics: A Ballet Brut at Vooruit last year, is one of the biggest stage revelations of the past years. Their performance Rambo Solo is as fascinating as it is simple. Ever since he was ten, Actor Zachary Oberzan has been obsessed with the film Rambo and First Blood, the book on which the film is based. Oberzan narrates the story in full detail with childlike enthusiasm. On the three screens behind him, you see the reconstruction recorded in his tiny New York apartment: the loft bed becomes the cliff Rambo dives from, the shower becomes a prison. When his memory fails him, Oberzan fills the gaps with creative variations. As his story unfolds, the difference between the movie superhero and the stage actor becomes more and more unclear.

Symposium Shot by Both Sides! Double Take
Thu 15 Oct, 10:00â18:00, Vooruit (Domzaal)
Organized on the occasion of the Belgian premiÃre of Double Take at the Film Festival Ghent and the exhibition Double Take Plus at bkSM in Strombeek and Mechelen, this international symposium explores some of the main issues of Grimonprezâs film. Apart from including a screening of Double Take and a lecture by its filmmaker, the symposium deals with the work of Alfred Hitchcock, the visualizations of doubles and monuments, the oscillation between cinema and television, Cold War iconography and our contemporary culture of fear and catastrophe.
Speakers are: Johan Grimonprez, Tom Mc Carthy (Author of Remainder), Edwin Carels (KASK), Steven Jacobs (KASK, Antwerp University), Dany Nobus (Brunel University) and Jodi Dean (Hobart & William Smith Colleges, NY).
Full program on http://doubletake.kaskprojecten.be/program.

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