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[Nettime-nl] The Mobile City {AT} IABR: activiteiten & oproep participatie w
Michiel de Lange on Sat, 17 Oct 2009 15:29:21 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] The Mobile City {AT} IABR: activiteiten & oproep participatie workshop "Sentient Rotterdam"

Dag Nettimers,

The Mobile City organiseert mede het cluster 'connectivity' tijdens de vierde Internationale Architectuur BiÃnnale Rotterdam (www.iabr.nl). In dit cluster staat de relatie tussen nieuwe media en de stad centraal. De volgende activiteiten vinden plaats:

1. Keynote talk door Mark Shepard: "From the real-time city to read/ write urbanism: on the architecture of contemporary urban topographies"
waar: NAi Auditorium Rotterdam
wanneer: 5 November 2009, 20:00 â 22:00

2. Sentient Rotterdam Workshop met Mark Shepard & The Mobile City
waar: IABR Forum, NAi Rotterdam
wanneer: 6 November 2009, 12:00-17:00
Voertaal Engels. Meer informatie + registratie: http://www.themobilecity.nl/sentient-rotterdam-workshop-with-mark-shepard-the-mobile-city-nov-6th

3. Opening tentoonstelling "The Sentient City Survival Kit" + resultaten workshop
waar: IABR Forum, NAi Rotterdam
wanneer: 6 November 2009, 17:00 â 19:00
De tentoonstelling zal gedurende de week van 6 Nov - 12 Nov te zien zijn.

4. Jonge Architectendag met keynote lecture door The Mobile City
waar: NAi Auditorium Rotterdam
wanneer: 7 November 2009, 10:00 â 20:00
toegankelijk voor leden BNA

Voor degenen die geÃnteresseerd zijn in de workshop meer info:

** Sentient Rotterdam Workshop with Mark Shepard & The Mobile City **
where: Netherlands Architecture Institute Rotterdam
when: Friday November 6th 2009

12:00-17:00 Workshop introduction and sessions

17:00-19:00 Public presentation + opening exhibit Sentient City Survival Kit.

register for this workshop: http://www.themobilecity.nl/connectivityiabr/sentient-rotterdam-workshop-registration-form/


Computing has left the desktop and spills out onto the sidewalks, streets and public spaces of the city. Information processing is increasingly embedded in the material fabric of everyday urban space. We approach an age of urban information systems capable of sensing and responding to events and activities transpiring around them. This is the âSentient Cityâ (http://www.sentientcity.net/). What does this emerging Sentient City mean for urban culture? Few people will quibble about âsmartâ traffic light control systems that more efficiently manage mobility. Some may be irritated when discount coupons for their favorite espresso drink are beamed to their mobile phone as they pass by Starbucks. Many are likely to protest when they are denied passage through a subway turnstile because the system âsensesâ that their purchasing habits, mobility patterns and current galvanic skin response (GSR) reading happens to match the profile of a terrorist.


How might we envision new technologies and ways of using them that are capable of enacting new urban organizations and spatial experiences that are diverse, sustainable and dynamic? This workshop aims to develop situated approaches toward urban computing and locative media applications, systems and infrastructures for near-future urban life in Rotterdam. Participants will work towards a scenario that involves a product, an intervention or process that is based on (or purposely evades or diverts) a (expected?) sentient technology. The scenarios depart not from the technology itself, but rather from imagined goals, desires or issues of urbanites. Participants (from various field such as new media design, architecture, urban planning, and academia) are asked to bring in one or more issues from their own professional practice. Ideally, these scenarios depart from the actual local context of Rotterdam. The workshop ends with a public presentation and display of results at the âOpen Podiumâ of the Architecture Biennale.


Methodologically, we encourage the approach of a âcritical designâ. The scenarios do not have to be immediately practically feasible, as long as they invite reflection on commonly understood preconcpetions and expectations and provoke new ways of thinking about the objects or process central to the scenarios, the cultural practices that shape them and the larger issues of urban culture they address. Mark Shepardâs own Sentient City Survival Kit which is exhibited at the NAi can be referred to as an example of this approach.

how to apply

If you are interested in participating, please fill out the workshop- registration with your name, background and briefly describe your interest in this workshop before Monday October 26th. If you want to bring in a Rotterdam based case study to debate in the workshop, please mention this. In case the interest in the workshop exceeds the number of available places, we make a selection of participants based on their motivations and the overall disciplinary mix of participants.

groet: michiel

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