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[Nettime-nl] lecture in Arti et amicitae, 'Notions of the Program in the
Darko Fritz on Sun, 25 Oct 2009 17:39:18 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] lecture in Arti et amicitae, 'Notions of the Program in the Art of the 1960s – Concrete, Computer-generated and Conceptual Art'

Dear Amsterdamned friends,

Friday 30th at 20 h In Arti et amicitae in Amsterdam I will deliver the lecture 'Notions of the Program in the Art of the 1960s – Concrete, Computer-generated and Conceptual Art', with many visuals (stills, audio and video) form the "bit international" exhibition[s] in Neue Galerie and ZKM (that I curated). Introduction by Remko Scha: The Prehistory of Process Art. It is part of the Het Proces, symposium (and exhibition) of generative art.

Symposium program enclosed (Eng.). Dutch: http://www.arti.nl/tentoonstelling.php?id=217

best regards

Darko Fritz

The presentation will examine several exhibitions, artists practices and related theories on the notion of the program in art. Several tendencies of art of 1960s that are at the first sight completely different and excluding each other can be viewed throughout the notions of the program. The first discourse toward the notion of the program in art we can find in Concrete / Neo-constructivistic / Luminokinetic art and alike, second discourse in Computer-generated art and third in Conceptual art. Umberto Eco writes a text on “Arte Programmata” for the catalogue of an exhibition with the same title in Milano in 1962. At the New tendencies movement and network (1961 – 1973) organizers set computer generated works in relation to Constructive and Kinetic Art (1968/69) and to Conceptual Art (1973). At the time being in 1960s almost no communication was established between mentioned three ways of artistic practices and related theories. Very few exhibitions were presented those kinds of works together back in the time of its production. New tendencies tried to merge these three artistic practices through the notion of the programme and by the works not being executed by the artist himself/ herself. The principle idea of the “program”, as a key position for an exhibition, triumphed in 1970 when Jack Burnham organized the exhibition “Software. Information Technology: Its New Meaning for Art” for the Jewish Museum in New York. The exhibition brought together projects realized with computers and projects by conceptual artists.

The presentation will be acompanied with audio-visual documentation from the 1960s and newly recorded ones, esspecially from the exhibition bit international . [New] Tendencies Computers and Visual Research, Zagreb 1961-1973, Neue Galerie, Graz, 2007 and ZKM (Zentrum fur Kunst und Medientechnologie), Karlsruhe, 2008-2009


Darko Fritz


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