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[Nettime-nl] Media Playgrounds Amsterdam
Marieke Istha on Fri, 4 Dec 2009 11:26:24 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] Media Playgrounds Amsterdam

Media Playgrounds Amsterdam
11, 12 December 2009
Location: Netherlands Media Art Institute
Keizersgracht 264, Amsterdam

MEDIA PLAYGROUNDS presents artistic and creative ways of dealing with broadcast media, from community media practitioners, professional artists to young creatives. This event is part of ‘Broadcast Media Sculptures’, a collaborative project organized by: SALTO Publieke Omroep Amsterdam; Freies Radio Wien, Vienna; Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest; Resonance FM, London; Tilos Radio, Budapest; Sofia University ST. Kliment Ohridski.

Master Classes Workshops
Friday 11 December
1:30pm - 5:30pm
Media channels, platforms and formats impose strict rules on how you can play with them. This afternoon you will be inspired by artists that have developed new insight through free media experimentation and activism.

Heiner Holtappels (de/nl)
Introduction Media Playgrounds by NIMk's director

1. Raúl Marroquín (co/nl)
'Electronic media and visual arts 1968 – 2009, from experimental film to cross media' This lecture is Raúl Marroquín's personal journey as a visual artist working with electronic media departing from events taking place in front of the film camera in the late 60s until today’s parallel multicasting via cable, web, mobile and Second Life. Raúl Marroquín’s own experience and surrounding events and developments in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and other European locations as well as U.S.A. and Canada. Raúl Marroquín is one of the pioneers of European video art, co-founder of Time Based Arts (nl) and founder of De Hoeksteen Live!

2. David Garcia (uk)
'Faith in Exposure'
This seminar addresses the central narrative of western democracy our 'faith in exposure'. It is an exploration of the concept of artists as commentators and activists intervening in the news events of the day. 'Faith in Exposure' will reference the history of media art in the Netherlands and Internationally with particular emphasis on the historical impact of video art. This session will look at the concept of 'tactical media' as a movement in both art and in the 'art of campaigning'. And finally we will look at a number of recent projects curated by Nanette Hoogslag for major media and news platforms in which artists are asked to commentate on news stories, notably 'Oog' (Volkskrant) http://extra.volkskrant.nl/oog/client/index.php and 'Visual Foreign Correspondent' http://www.visualcorrespondents.com/. David Garcia is the Dean of Chelsea College of Arts & Design in London (uk). He is an artist, writer and organiser. In the early 90s, he coined the term 'tactical media' and founded The Next Five Minutes, a series of conferences on electronics communications, art and political culture. Most recently he co-edited Net Congestion: the International Festival of Streaming Media.

3. MauzZ (nl)
MauZ will talk about the 3D web (Second Life a.o.), as the ultimate interactive television of the early 21st century. The lectures will combine Skype connections with international artists and interventions from Amsterdam based artists and thinkers. MauzZ is an artist, I-J (Information-JOckey), Free-Media-Activist.

Video Screenings
Friday 11 December
Media Playground invites you for a Friday night session where you can explore some remarkable artistic approaches, consequences and interpretations of the online moving image and live cinema.

Intro by Peter Krapp (us), 'Of Games and Gestures: machinima and the suspensions of animation'

The best of Machinima, compiled by Chantal Harvey
Lets talk machinima! The word MACHINIMA is a combination of 2 words: cinema and machine. Basically, it is making movies in virtual platforms like Second Life, World of Warcraft, Moviestorm, Sims, Halflife, Google Earth. 3 D-filmmaking techniques are applied within computer generated games. Machinima works have already been recognized at Cannes and other big international festivals.

Truth or Consequences by Francisco Camacho (co)Premiere!

Nanette Hoogslag (nl), Oog's initiator and curator, has made a selection from NIMk's and Oog's archive especially for Media Playground.

More to be confirmed**

Registration required for both events, please reserve your ticket by mail elena {AT} salto.nl

Master Classes + Screening evening : Free

De Hoeksteen Live! Art TV program special edition for Media Playground
Saturday 12 December
From 11pm - morning
Location: Netherlands Media Art Institute
Keizersgracht 264, Amsterdam

Attendance by invitation only. If you have a special interest to attend please send your motivation to elena {AT} salto.nl

A very special live broadcasting experience at NIMk on the night of the 12th of November! From 11pm to morning we’ll broadcast a number of performances, debates, artists' interviews, artists presentations and film-screening program.

1. Debate 'Multiple Marriage' by Francisco Camacho + 'Multiple Wedding' video Artist Francisco Camacho seeks ways in which his work can exist within official social channels. He intends to gather 40,000 signatures for his Group Marriages Petition, submit it to the Dutch Lower House, and gain legal status for group marriage in the Netherlands. in the Netherlands. Francisco is a fellow research at Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunst in Amsterdam. With the participation of: Jan Patternotte from D66; Dr. Geert Hekma, professor of gay and lesbian studies at UvA; Rimme Rypkema from Groepshuwelijken, a LNBi's representer and More!

2. 3D Live Performance by 'Meta Lord', 'Ze Moo', 'The Avatar Orchestra Metaverse' and 'Second Front' Artist avatars 'Ze Moo' and 'Meta Lord' will perform live together with global artist collectives 'The Avatar Orchestra Metaverse' and 'Second Front'. Members collaborate from locations all over the planet and are using the world's largest user-created virtual world Second Life as a platform.

3. Free interventions with performances, debates, artists' interviews, presentations and video conferences. Constant Dullaart (nl), Rosa Menkman (nl), Marnix de Nijs (nl), Edwin van der Heide (nl) media artist awarded by Witteveen+Bos prijs 2009, Raúl Marroquín (co/nl), David Garcia (uk), el Cosmonauta (es), Nanette Hoogslag, Toek (nl), Elizabeth Losh (us), Carlos Cuéllar (co/us), Simón Vélez (co) architect awarded by Prince Claus 2009, Els van der Plas (nl)... More to be confirmed.

Besides these three very special features, Salto will encompass films and videos from international and Amsterdam based artists such as DIAL H-I-S-T-O-R-Y, the acclaimed hijacking documentary by Johan Grimonprez (be).

Saturday night program will be broadcasted by Salto TV and Second Live. See links below.

Broadcasted by Salto A1. Turn on your TV!
Broadcast by SALTO. Turn on your TV!
Cable channel 39+, UPC digital 715

Watch it at online TV: http://www.salto.nl/tv/televisie_A1.asp#

Follow it at Second Life:
instructions on how to join these events interactive online: http://MASS.LIVE.NU

All interventions will be uploaded later in our video archive: http://mediasculptures.net/

Media Sculptures is organized by Salto Omroep Amsterdam

This project is supported by EACEA, AFK and NIMk

Entrance: Free

Limited seating

Please make reservations: 0624149093 / elena {AT} salto.nl

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