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[Nettime-nl] [moddr_ infoo] upcoming workshops!
Walter Langelaar on Mon, 7 Dec 2009 00:43:16 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] [moddr_ infoo] upcoming workshops!

hi all,
here's an update on the workshops we're doing next week; if you're
interested in participating in one of these, please send an email to
workshop {AT} moddr.net and plz specify which workshop you want to attend...
[places limited!]

> Network[IN]Security workshop:

>> two day workshop
>> on 10 and 11th of December,
>> 15.00 till 19.00 (GMT+1)
>> participation fee: 30 euros 
>> (includes entry fee for the FOO_bar event on 11th!)
>> Location: moddr_lab, Willem Buytewechstraat 188, Rotterdam

The increasing dependence on wireless communication appears at odds with
notions of public space: while the air we breathe is considered public,the
signals passing through it are often not.

Borrowing tools and techiques from the field of network (in)security,
Danja and Julian will expose the otherwise invisible layer of WiFi activity
as a rich space for activism, performance, paranoia and audiovisual

Over the course of the workshop participants will prototype ideas using a
software toolkit given to participants. In parallel we welcome a lively
discussion around the ethical and political implications of this area of 
study more generally.

This course is open to anyone with a healthy dose of curiosity, creativity
and paranoia.

/more info at/ http://agenda.wormweb.nl/agenda.php?id=3102

> VGA-tester workshop with Arjen Scherpenisse

>> mini-workshop 11th of December,
>> 18.30 till 21.00 (GMT+1)
>> participation fee: 15 euros 
>> (includes entry fee for the FOO_bar evening event!)
>> Location: WORM_bar, Achterhaven 148, Rotterdam

By using the very simple and cheap PIC Microchip micro-controller it's
possible to generate signals. With these signals you can display all kinds
of pixel patterns on any VGA monitor or beamer. During the workshop
participants will create their own "VGA test box" that will make it
possible for you to do the same.

/more info at/ http://agenda.wormweb.nl/agenda.php?id=3101

> INIT :: Computer Vision with Gamuza

>> two day workshop/masterclass
>> on 12 and 13th of December,
>> 14.00 till 19.00 (GMT+1)
>> participation fee: 30 euros
>> Location: moddr_lab, Willem Buytewechstraat 188, Rotterdam

Gamuza is an open source tool based on OpenFrameworks, designed for
prototyping and development of interactive installations using contemporary
video tracking techniques.
Making code and coding easier, Gamuza can be used like a standalone
application or a platform of code to start from. Processing and PureData
clients communicate with Gamuza through OSC protocol, offering different
approaches and working strategies.

We'll introduce basic concepts around CV techniques and spatial needs,
moving around some artistic references,  a short  tutorial of the Gamuza
graphical interface and some examples showing different kinds of project
structures that can be built with the tool.
>From this we can discuss specific project proposals that participants may
have, setup a working environment on your own machines (bring yr laptop!),
and exchange knowledge and ideas around these topics.

/more info at/ http://agenda.wormweb.nl/agenda.php?id=2894

> FOO_bar  {AT}  WORM on the evening of Friday the 11th:


>>> please feel free to forward this information to 
>>> anyone who might be interested!

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