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[Nettime-nl] MULTIPLEX:tranNATURAL
tom jaspers on Sat, 16 Jan 2010 12:57:49 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] MULTIPLEX:tranNATURAL

Exhibition | lectures | workshops

Where technology and nature initially were opposed to each other, more
often they appear to be mergeing now. TransNatural is a fascinating art and
design exhibition with workshops and lectures for the youth and

exhibition dates: Friday 19 February till Friday 19 March
Open: Wed., Thur., Fri. 14.00h ­ 20.00h, Sat. 14.00h ­ 22.00h and Sun.
14.00h ­ 20.00h
TransNatural symposium: Saturday 13 March

Location: de Verdieping/ TrouwAmsterdam/ Wibautstraat 127/ 1091 GL Amsterdam
More information: www.multiplexart.nl /

Thomas Gerhardt (USA), Joan Healy (IR), Aaron Koblin/ Daniel Massey
(USA), Lucy McRae (NL), Ralf Schreiber (GER), Sander Veenhof (NL),
Maarten Vanden Eynde (BE), Jelle Feringa (NL), 2012Architecten (NL),
Daniela Bershan (GER/NL), Julius Popp (GER), Elio Caccavale (UK),
Tobie Kerridge (UK), Rachel Armstrong (UK)

TransNatural theme
The most brilliant role that 'Technology' played was his way to escape
the restrictions of Nature. Nonetheless, Technology also liked to play
the role of the stupid, crude brother of 'Nature' constantly
destroying Natures' toys with his clumsy dirty knuckles.

It is high time to get used to the idea that together technology and
nature form a new, less dysfunctional family whose family name has not
yet been established. The 21st century is the century where technology
and nature have finally become viable children who in turn have
children of their own.

Does this mean an evolutionary progress or above all, a changing
perception about ourselves? Is this the end of the huge detour to the
conclusion that the distinction between nature and technology never
really existed? In transNatural we demonstrate the most interesting
attempts in art, design and science to this new reality merged to a
level of experience that helps us find a space to live in this new
merged world.

More information on http://www.multiplexart.nl
Register on the website for regular updates and invitations

?just rummaging through art, and serving it¹
schoolmeesterstraat 109
1053 mb amsterdam
m. 06 - 22 234567
t. 020 ­ 683 63 54
f. 084 ­ 72 99 125
e. tom {AT} artvarkprojects.nl


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