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[Nettime-nl] Next Nature Newsletter #11
NextNature.net on Sat, 8 May 2010 09:21:11 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Next Nature Newsletter #11

Welcome to a new issue of the Next Nature newsletter. This low-tech, low-volume newsletter is connected to the website http://www.nextnature.net which explores the nature caused by people.


-Next Nature Spotter for iPhone
-Blog Highlights
-NANO Supermarket: Final Call for Products


While the spotting of old nature phenomena in our surroundings - birds, insects, trees, stars, etc - has a large tradition enjoyed by millions, the spotting of next nature phenomena is still unfamiliar and undefined. Hence it is time for an experiment.

If you own an iPhone, use our free application to spot next nature phenomena around you. On a map you can see all spots that are submitted in your neighborhood and comment on them. The best spots added win a price. Of course there is also an integrated blog reader and additional info on next nature including a visual essay and FAQ.

Download here: http://itunes.apple.com/nl/app/next-nature/id328175866


US Judge Rules Gene Patents Invalid because they are Natural

Did you know that about 20 percent of your body isn’t really yours, as this percentage of your genes has been patented? In a recent ruling however, a US federal judge has overturned the patents on two genes linked to breast and ovarian cancer on the grounds that they are not man-made, but products of nature. Nature is that what cannot be patented?


Digitally Enhance your Ego

Researchers at Stanford University have researched the effects of the appearance of avatars on the behavior of their ‘controllers’. I turns out people with a more attractive avatar acted more extrovert and outgoing than the ones with a less good looking one.


Cough into your cellphone, not your sleeve

Coughing into your cell phone could soon save you a trip to the doctor’s office. Thanks to software currently being developed by Star Analytical Services, people may soon be able to install an app that can diagnose cold, flu, pneumonia or other respiratory diseases by analyzing the sound of your cough.


Highlanders in the Lowlands: Re-enactment of an extinct Cow

In 1920, some 300 years after the original European aurochs became extinct, two German biologists and Zoo directors, attempted to recreate aurochs they knew from the countless existing drawings and paintings. Nowadays thousands of these regenerated animals are inhabiting European nature resorts. And every cold winter the question emerges: Should we feed them? Jurrassic Park avant la Lettre.


Mud Tub

Mud tub is an experimental tangible interface that allows people to control a computer while playing in the mud. By sloshing, squishing, pulling or punching in a tub of mud (yes, wet dirt), users control games, simulators, and expressive tools; interacting with a computer in a more organic way.


Pharmaceutical 65+ Sushi

How to improve the quality of life for the elderly, who are notorious for their enormous daily medicine intake? Perhaps can Pharmaceutical Sushi be an answer. Why take pills if you can pick the last Vitamine ABC Sashimi with your chopsticks?


8-Bit Pixel Watch

Remember that aggravating 8-bit pixel watch icon that showed up whenever your Mac computer was ‘taking time’ to finish a task? Luckily for all you pixel-nostalgics out there, the icon watch now boomeranged into the physical world. To be worn as a wrist clock for 8-bit retro time telling. Get yours and keep this lost symbol of the pixel era alive.


Europe Airspace Reboot

After a ban on flying due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland, the European airspace was slowly rebooting to its old state of activity. This movie shows the movement of planes over time and shows how the activity grows.


Nano Tattoo to monitor Diabetes

Massachusetts-based Draper Laboratories have developed a special injectable ink with nano-particles. This ink eventually could replace painful blood glucose tests which diabetics need to do on a regular basis.


Glowing Bacteria show if you have Influenza

FluDOC is a personal influenza detector that uses genetically modified bacteria which are sensitive to influenza to measure if you have the flu. Similar to the canaries used in coal mines to detect dangerous gasses, our friends the microbes help us diagnose flu.


Shell logo evolution

Corporate logos constantly have to adapt in order to survive. In the case of the Shell oil company this results in an image that ironically resembles the ones we know from the biology classes.



This autumn 2010 the Next Nature NANO Supermarket will open its doors: a physical supermarket featuring debate-provoking visions on possible nanotech products expected to hit the shelves between today and 2020.

You have less than four weeks left to submit you speculative nanotech products for the NANO supermarket. A selection of the projects will be presented in the Nano Supermarket and the accompanying publication. The best submission is awarded with a € 2500 price.

Submission deadline: 31 May 2010.

Event website: http://www.nextnature.net/events/nano-supermarket/


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