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[Nettime-nl] can you skype in?
Rob van Kranenburg on Mon, 7 Jun 2010 14:26:51 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] can you skype in?

Hi Atteqa,

Can you skype in?

Greetings, Rob


Karachi Megacity

Where: Waag, Nieuwmarkt
When: June 24 1700- 1900

a programme on Karachi like you have never seen it


Rumana Husain, author of Karachiwala will launch her book in the
Netherlands Mukhtar Husain,  author of  '100+1 Pakistani Architects and
their Own Houses' Atteqa Malik, from Mauj Collective Karachi skyping in
Geert Lovink, from Institute of Network Cultures on Organized Networks

Karachiwala describes the diversity and change within Karachi, as a
microcosm not only of pakistan but of the entire south asian region. A
Subcontinent within a City : "I have always been curious about different
peoples: who they are, where they come from, the languages they speak, the
clothes they wear, the food they eat, what their beliefs are, the varied
customs and traditions they observe, and what they do for a living. This
book is a study of ? and a tribute to ? that diverse mix of people who
inhabit Karachi." (Rumana Husain)

A noted architect and interior designer, Mukhtar Husain did something
unusual cataloguing and presenting the houses architects have designed for
their own living. The pictorial volume shows the personality, design
philosophy and lifestyle of each architect.

Mauj Collective for Open Technology, Art & Culture. Mauj Collective is
conducting a study on e-Culture and New Media practices in Pakistan. It
covers the arts, social development, business and nonprofits.

Geert Lovink will discuss 'Organized Networks'. The celebration of network
cultures as open, decentralized, and horizontal all too easily forgets the
political dimensions of labour and life in informational times. Why have
radical social-technical networks so often collapsed after the party? What
are the key resources common to critical network cultures?

host: Rob van Kranenburg
This evening is made possible by the Prince Claus Fund and Waag Society.

Organized Networks

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