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[Nettime-nl] [Nictoglobe] Entries Sept/Okt 2010

October 31, 2010
Mark Titchner
The Age of Happiness - 2009, Curated by Artemis Potamianou

Review by Arelis Eleftherios

Image: Mark Titchner, Voices you cannot hear, 2004
Mark Titchner [England, 11-1-1973] on his work "The white light I"
[2007][steel moter, light fitting on steel plinth] introduces us a
strolling skyscraper. He points out the intensive rhythm of life on the
big cities of the Western Civilization and that societies are living
organisms like humans. In addition to this a lamp in the middle of the
skyscraper illuminates the medium stratums[or floors] and it is very weak
in the higher or in the lower parts.The artist emphasizes that knowledge
comes up only by moderation, following the ancient Greek gnomic: All
things in moderation (παν
άριστον) which brings harmony following
the Heraclites' [Ephesus, Ionia, Asia Minor - Modern Turkey, 535 BCE - 475
BCE] philosophy. Furthermore Titchner points out that knowledge [whose
light is the main representative] is far away from the lower and the
higher parts of society [the poor or the rich][...]


October 24, 2010
John Kleckner
An Ear in a Pond, a Tooth in the Wall, a Knife in the Socket (Videoloop 2010)

Review by Arelis Eleftherios


October 20, 2010
REFF, RomaEurope FakeFactory
Book Launch: November 2010

Foreword: Bruce Sterling

The experience of the REFF detoured competition has been turned into a
book and another action on the themes of critical innovation practices and
on the possibility to reinvent reality.

The book will be launched on November 2010 together with an open source
platform for cross-medial, augmented reality publishing.

Please read the press release and info below and stay tuned for the next
steps and visit


for constant updates.

REFF, RomaEuropa FakeFactory


October 16, 2010
Andy Warhol and Icon
The Creation of Image - Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens 2010

Review by Arelis Eleftherios


October 12, 2010
Semantic Disturbances
Andreas Maria Jacobs

Electronic Literature Collection Volume 2, 2010

"This set of single-screen networked pieces operate like photographs of
the very self-generation of the internet, exploding the image with
algorithmically determined deformations that quickly overwhelm the space
of the monitor, as the letters and image pour into the invisible spaces
beyond the frame and thus control of the user.

Enacting an anarchic deconstruction of the power of the text/image
complex, semiotic slippages are provoked and made visible via the
operations of simple control-or counter-control-algorithms.

These aren't images made for passive consumption but rather antidotes
against the totalizing functionality of the societal spectacle."


October 11, 2010
No Borders Activists Arrested and Tortured in Belgium
Pluto author arrested and tortured in Belgium

This is an urgent Pluto Press action mail.


October 6, 2010


Review by Arelis Eleftherios

The work "Seeking me, you sat exhausted" has all the typical
characteristics of a dedicatory headstone. Christophe Chemin dedicates
this video to Camille Claudel (8-12-1864 19-10-1943) a sculpture and
sister of the famous author Paul Claudel (6-8-1868 23-2-1955) pointing out
the healing role of modern art.


October 1, 2010
FIAT LUX Stratum super stratum
Lucifera I & II - Dyptich

Large Scale Prints on Paper - A. Andreas 2010

"Maar ook wil ik dansen met Lucifera en de geur van haar haar ruiken en
verdrinken daarin en opgenomen worden in licht en nog meer licht totdat ik
blind niets anders meer kan dan opgenomen worden in nog meer licht en haar
haar, haar dijen, haar dans, en bedwelmd zijn, voor altijd bedwelmd zijn,
en dood zijn" [A.A. 2010]

September 28, 2010
Call for Submissions

Friction Research Issue #4, Spring 2011

"When the possibility of expressing social reform vanishes, time has come
to change our minds. [A.A. 2010]"
Reclaim the Mind is a transmedial collaborative initiative exploring empty
spots in the human mind by:

- occupying the area between 'reality' and 'truth',
- re-using forgotten (collective) memory-spaces,
- connecting mental processes with physical spaces,
- rewriting, tearing apart, scratching and stretching our lived
environment in an effort to liberate our ursurpated sensibilities.

Reclaim the Mind reclaims the idiomatic resources, abused by the Creative
Industries and jeopardized by a majority of National Governments, and will
intentionally break seperations between established cultural and political

Reclaim the Mind aims to protect the incomprehensible treasure of mankind,
threatened by:

Censorship, Territorization, Mapping, Propaganda, Misconduct, Betrayal,
Charlatanism, Mediocracy, Education, Orthodoxy, Cultural Lobotomization,
Zombie State Politics

We invite artists, writers, academics to contribute to our call for works
by submitting works, which reflects upon 'Reclaiming the Mind', in a
broader sense, ranging from visuals, videos, musics, essays etc. to:

submissions2011 {AT} nictoglobe.com

The following digital formats apply:

text: word, rtf, pdf or text - no more than 2000 words, abstracts about
500 words.
images: jpg, png, gif - any size/format
video: mov, mpg - duration: no more than 2 minutes.
audio: wav, mp3 - duration: no more than 5 minutes.

Feel free to adorn your submission.

Deadline: January 31 2011

Submissions will be published in the Spring 2011 issue of Nictoglobe
Online Magazine as part of our 'Friction Research Series'


Andreas Maria Jacobs - Editor
Nictoglobe Online Magazine

September 22, 2010
Artifacts as critical media aesthetics
Rosa Menkman University of Amsterdam // KHM Cologne.

The GLI.TC/H Conference in Chicago, IL 29 September - 3 October 2010

21 September 2010
Portrait Autumn 2010
By Judith V.

18 September 2010
Een zwarte Suzuki Swift
Binnenkort in Museum CODA?

15 September 2010
Mogadishu Music Festival 2010
Amsterdam - Mogadishu 2010

Listen to archived radioshow [*]


[*] Originally broadcast July 5th 2010, Beautiful Freaks Radioshow - Radio
Patapoe, Amsterdam


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