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[Nettime-nl] new generation European film talents in DocNext on IDFA Int
tom'artvark'jaspers on Thu, 4 Nov 2010 16:35:25 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] new generation European film talents in DocNext on IDFA International Documentary Festival Amsterdam

Doc Next is a special program of IDFA, featuring short documentaries by a new generation of young film talents from Europe using accessible media technologies to zoom in on their environments. For the first time, their documentaries are being shown on the big festival screen.

At the Doc Next talk show, young documentary makers take centre stage. We seize their films and stories to discuss the challenges and possibilities of user-generated media content with festival organisers, media broadcasters and documentary experts. How can do-it- yourself documentaries inspire different media domains and contribute to inclusive public opinion sharing in Europe? How can this new generation of storytellers help mainstream media to attract new audiences?

Doc Next is hosted by Leena Pasanen, executive producer at Yle Fact & Culture. Yle is Finland's national public service broadcasting company. Leena has built up a strong reputation as one of the most internationally orientated and engaged European commissioning editors, especially known for her support to new talent. Contributing guests are Doc Next’s young filmmakers Ahang Bashi (Sweden), Solomon Walter-Kelly (UK), Erhan Arik (Turkey), Vieru Dan Ilian (Romania) and media professionals Patricia Aufderheide (Professor of Film and Media Arts in the School of Communication at American University in Washington), Noel Goodwin (Youth Programmer, British Film Institute, UK), Arman Tadevosyan (Curator and initiator 5th FLOOR in Armenia), Beadie Finzi (Founding director Britdoc Channel 4, UK) and ARTE.

Doc Next will take place on 20 November 2010, 14.30 – 18.00 (drinks at 16.30), in the Escape venue. Escape is situated at Rembrandtplein 11, Amsterdam. Public transportation: take tram 4, 9 or 20 from Amsterdam Central Station, get off at Rembrandtplein. If you are coming by car you can park at Stopera Parkeergarage, Waterlooplein, Amsterdam.

Our DIY filmmakers
ECF invited 10 talented do-it-yourself video makers to participate in the IDFAcademy, the international three day training program during IDFA for film students and emerging filmmakers. Some of them will take centre stage at the Doc Next talk show on 20 November. For a preview of their work, go to www.vimeo/groups/ecf or read some their bio’s below.

Solomon Walter-Kelly (19) from the UK
“I currently live in Treviso, Italy. I'm studying and working in the video department at Fabric, Benetton’s communication research centre that specializes in all forms of communication art. They actually headhunted me through a video website. They didn't seem bothered that I had had no further education in the field. [My] plan is to make a technique that manages to broadcast to mass audiences in the least propagandist way. This is obviously an extremely ambitious project. But if I can at least influence a few people, then maybe a few generations down the line, those few people may turn into few million.”

Watch his video Change, selected for IDFA 2010 here: http://vimeo.com/ groups/ecf/videos/15808671

Erhan Arik (26) from Turkey
“I have studied journalism at university and I had photography lessons. As for multimedia I am self-educated. The aim of my video project is to tour the villages on either side of the border and listen to border stories. By listening to the stories of Turkish people - which represent a source of fear for the Armenians, and the stories of Armenians, which represent a source of paranoia for the Turks - we will set out to rediscover the essence and spirit of Anatolia, to revive the memory we are letting slip by the day...”

Watch his video Remembering, selected for IDFA 2010 here: http:// vimeo.com/groups/ecf/videos/16027280

Vieru Dan Ilian (22) from Romania
“I'm very passionate in film making! I'm not a professional but this is what I like to do. To bad that in my country Romania I don't have the possibilities to do this, so everyday I hope that someone will contact me like you did and tell me that I have a chance in film making and live in another country to study about this amazing visual art. I also enjoy drawing. My dream is accomplished, and I’m still dreaming.”

Watch his video Never Stop Dreaming, selected for IDFA 2010 here: http://vimeo.com/groups/ecf/videos/15460525

More information : http://www.eurocult.org/youth-and-media

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