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[Nettime-nl] PhD position âCultural Mega-Events and Urban Developmentâ,
Bas Van Heur on Sat, 6 Nov 2010 13:24:51 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] PhD position âCultural Mega-Events and Urban Developmentâ, Maastricht University

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PhD position ‘Cultural Mega-Events and Urban Development’, 
Maastricht University        

         This research position will focus on the theme of cultural 
mega-events and urban development. Mega-events such as the European Capital 
of Culture, the Olympic Games, arts festivals and World Expos play an 
important role in shaping the development strategies of cities around the 
world and cities invest substantial resources into the bidding for and 
running of these events. The PhD researcher will investigate and 
interrogate the relationships between artistic and cultural practices and 
the wider governance structure of cultural mega-events by addressing, for 
example, city imagineering, redevelopment, place-making and branding. This 
can encompass the extent to which arts programming and production is 
influenced and shaped by cultural and urban policy – such as 
diversity, regeneration and entrepreneurial initiatives – and how 
artists, creative producers and other actors negotiate the post-industrial 
city. It can also address the way in which the changing cityscape leads to 
the production of new cultural icons, ways of presenting heritage and the 
redesign of city centres and industrial areas. Finally, the research can 
focus on the changing expectations and patterns of cultural consumption and 
the role of audiences and participation in the arts and the wider cultural 

         The PhD researcher will be supervised by Prof. Graeme Evans, Dr. 
Bas van Heur and Dr. Peter Peters and will become part of a research group 
on culture and urban development within the Faculty of Arts and Social 
Sciences of Maastricht University. Of specific current interest to this 
group is the Netherlands playing host to the European Capital of Culture 
event in 2018 (jointly with Malta) and the selection process amongst 
candidate cities and city-regions – including Maastricht, 
Brabantstad, Friesland, The Hague and Utrecht. More widely, the group 
members do research on topics ranging from the creative/cultural industries 
and economic development to cultural heritage, tourism and mobilities, 
artistic research, cultural politics, the built environment, and urban 
design.  It is expected that the PhD researcher adopts an 
interdisciplinary approach and research methods from both the humanities 
and social sciences.         

         Strong applicants are encouraged to send their CV and a research 
abstract (max. 750 words; describing the envisioned research framework, 
proposed methods and empirical focus) to Graeme Evans 
(g.evans {AT} maastrichtuniversity.nl) and Bas van Heur 
(b.vanheur {AT} maastrichtuniversity.nl). Deadline for applications is Monday 22 
November. Preference will be given to applicants who have followed a 
Research Master route and/or have relevant research or work experience.     

         The position is part of the Dutch NWO ‘PhDs in the 
Humanities’ scheme and will follow a two-step selection procedure. 
Following a preliminary selection on the basis of the CV and 750-word 
abstract, a select number of candidates is asked to develop their abstract 
into a full proposal (deadline: 10 February). These proposals will be 
submitted to and evaluated by NWO in a second review round. The selected 
candidates will receive notification in June and are expected to start 
their PhD in September 2011. The selected candidate will be employed by the 
university for a period of four years (no teaching) or five years (20 % 

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