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[Nettime-nl] why activism 2.0 will win the streets: new forms of protest
Geert Lovink on Mon, 29 Nov 2010 15:02:57 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] why activism 2.0 will win the streets: new forms of protests and mobilisation (Dec. 8, The Hague)

Why activism 2.0 will win the streets: new forms of protests and mobilisation

Dialogue for the Hivos, Digital natives with a Cause? Thinkathon

{AT} Museum for Communication, The Hague, 8th of December 2010, 16.30 – 18.30

In the mashed-up world of Web 2.0, there is power in a Click! One click is all it takes to connect to strangers, to make new friends, to create new universes and to transform existing worlds. There has been much euphoria about the power of the Click. But what does it all mean? How can we unleash this potential of the world that is just a click away? There are just as many questions as there are opinions regarding activism 2.0 and new forms of mobilization. However, no one can deny that these new forms of mobilizations exist and are forcing us to re- visit preconceived notions of what it means to be political and how to mobilise for change. To capture these new forms of mobilization The Hivos Digital Natives with a Cause? Knowledge programme, in collaboration with the Centre for Internet and Society, Bangalore is organizing a public dialogue on Activism 2.0

To explore new forms of protest and mobilization two experts, Juliana Rotich and Jasmin Patheja, will talk about technology and citizen participation from their own experiences. Juliana Rotich is the Program Director of Ushahidi (Kenya) a web based reporting system that utilizes crowd-sourced date to formulate visual map information of a crisis in real-time basis. Jasmin Patheja is the initiator of the Blank Noise project (India), a collective that addresses the problem of sexual harassment in public spaces through unique online and offline interventions and mobilisation geared towards raising political consciousness about the gendered nature of public spaces.

Please join us at the Museum for communication at 16.30 for this interesting discussion on new forms of mobilization. The discussion will be let by to Digital Natives from Asia and Africa, who are working in mobile activism and digital storytelling for change.

Wednesday 8th of December 16.30 – 18.30 at the Museum for Communication. Admission is free. Please register athttp://hoezo.congrezzo.nl/hivoskp/observer . More info: f.jansen {AT} hivos.nl or visit http://www.digitalnatives.in.

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