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Italy: You Cannot Arrest a Generation (Petition)
hecksinductionhour | December 17, 2010 at 9:43 pm | Tags: Berlusconi, December 14 protests, Italian police state, Italy, neoliberalism, precarious workers, repression of activists | Categories: activism, open letters, manifestos, appeals, political repression, protests, student movements | URL: http://wp.me/pbH8F-MC
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Call in solidarity with the students and precarious workers arrested the 14th of December in Italy

The 14th of December was another great moment of struggles in Italy. One hundred thousand high school and university students, precarious researchers and workers from all over Italy demonstrated in Rome on the day in which it seemed a vote of no confidence would be passed on the Berlusconi government. Berlusconi and the right saved themselves, but in the streets of Rome and many other Italian cities the movement expressed its mistrust of the government.

The response of the government was a huge repression: people were charged and beaten in the squares, and dozens of students and precarious workers were arrested. There is only one accusation: they resist the cuts to schools and university, to education and research, they speak up against the theft of their future, against precariousness and the lack of guarantees for their future. This is a resistance of a generation of students and precarious workers, in Italy as well as in Europe and all around the world.

We express our indignation in face of this act for people who have simply demonstrated their dissent. We affirm that we are on the side of freedom of thought and freedom to demonstrate dissent. We think that it is not acceptable to manage every protest as a police problem. We affirm that the university is a space of freedom, confrontation and the production of knowledge. We demand the immediate release of the students and precarious workers who have been arrested.

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