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[Nettime-nl] Next Nature Newsletter - Nano Supermarket in Amsterdam
NextNature.net on Tue, 25 Jan 2011 14:08:04 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] Next Nature Newsletter - Nano Supermarket in Amsterdam

Twitter implants, streetlight trees, programmable wine, acoustic botany and genetically engineered bacteria that heal cracks in walls. Welcome to another issue of the Next Nature newsletter, connected to the website http://www.nextnature.net which explores the nature caused by people.


-NANO Supermarket in Amsterdam
-Blog Highlights
-Next Nature Internships


The NANO Supermarket is a mobile store with speculative nanotech products that might hit the shelves within the next ten years.

Think interactive wall-paint, medicinal chocolate, a wine which taste can be adjusted with microwaves, invisible security spray, a Twitter implant. Our products are both innovative and useful as well as uncanny and disturbing. They were envisioned by artists, designers and engineers to stimulate debate on nanotechnology and help us decide what nano future we want.

Come visit us to taste & test our products and experience the impact of nanotechnology on our everyday lives.

Dates: 28 Jan – 2 Februari 11:00-18:00
Location: Leidseplein, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Opening: 28 January 16:00
Preview: 27 January 18:00 – 22:30 during Nano Festival, Nemo Science Centre, Amsterdam



Nano Supermarket on Dutch TV News

The Dutch evening News payed a visit to our Nano Supermarket to familiarize the television viewers with the intricate world of nanotechnology and its potential impact on our economy and everyday lives.


Streetlight Trees

Taiwanese scientists have created trees that could function as streetlights. They infused the leaves of Bacopa Caroliniana with gold nanoparticles which causes the chlorophyll to produce a reddish luminescence.


Engineered Bacteria heal Cracks in Walls

Researchers have designed bacteria that can produce a special glue to knit together cracks in concrete structures.


My Fetal Pony: Neoteny in Girls Toys

Allison Guy observes how girls toys exhibit a strong trend towards progenesis: sexual maturity achieved in a juvenile state. A result of a cultural imperative for women to embody both the cute and the sexual?


Acoustic Botany

With his speculative ‘acoustic garden’ David Benqué tries to explore our cultural and aesthetic relationship to nature.


Disney, Playboy and the Next Nature of Sex and Death

Nature demanded that we make a choice between immortality and sex, but the Next Nature of the 21st century may not. For help, we can look back to the 20th Century, which had many storytellers playing with the parameters of the sex equals death equation.


Next Nature Movie Top 10

Our carefully crafted list of the top ten next nature movies we recommend.



Are you a student looking for an internship? The good people of NextNature.net have positions available in our Amsterdam office for designers, editors, programmers and producers. Send us your cv.


The good people of NextNature.net are grateful to the TU/e, Mondriaan Foundation, NanoPodium and Stichting Doen for their kind support.

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