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[Nettime-nl] 2 short-term internships at INC
Geert Lovink on Tue, 29 Mar 2011 14:29:12 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] 2 short-term internships at INC

An internship is available at the Institute of Network Cultures and
E-Boekenstade, Hogeschool van Amsterdam starting April 1 until June 1.

The intern will research for The Unbound Book conference and write for
the Unbound Book blog and website: http://e-boekenstad.nl/unbound
The conference is an international, three day event of panel sessions,
workshops, open debates, and book launches in Amsterdam and Den Haag,
featuring 30 speakers from around the world.

The research includes:
-collecting resource archive on related issues and works by conference guests
-writing book reviews
-Keeping the blog lively with 1+ posts a week and postings on the mailinglist
-Assisting the coordinator, Morgan Currie, where necessary during
event production
-All small tasks around production and communication during the period
mentioned above.

Hours will be determined, but should be 8-16 hours a week, with a
larger commitment closer to the event. Interns will receive a
compensation for their time.

For inquiries, please email Morgan or call 020 585 1865.

More information:

The conventional notion of the book, based on centuries of print, has
grown outdated. The book is coming unbound in a double sense: both
freed from the bindings of the printed volume, and from the
limitations of conventional text. Today’s multimedia content and
online modes of authorship offer entirely new vistas of book-like
functions and forms, even as we explore how to preserve vital features
of conventional print.

With a wealth of exciting new possibilities, the book is left without
obvious contours. Critical cultural forces must step in to design and
develop new models for reading, publishing, and learning. The entire
concept of ‘bookness’ needs reinvention. Through panel discussions,
presentations, workshops, and a book launch, the Unbound Book
Conference is the largest event in The Netherlands  brings together
participants to take part in defining new roles and business models
within this rapidly changing landscape.

Speakers include: Arianne Baggerman (NL, University of Amsterdam),
James Bridle (UK, booktwo.org), August Hans den Boef (NL, Hogeschool
van Amsterdam), Florian Cramer (NL, Piet Zwart Institute), Gary Hall
(UK, Coventry University, Suzanne Holtzer (NL, De Bezige Bij), Liz
McGettigan (SC, Library Edinburgh Council) Miha Kovac (University of
Ljubljana), Tomas Krag (Booksprint), Veljko Kukulj (Geanium, Croatia),
Alan Liu (UC Santa Barbara), Anne Mangen (Stravanger University),
Bernhard Rieder (University of Amsterdam), Ray Siemens (University of
Victoria), Femke Snelting (Open Source Publishing), Nicholas Spice
(London Review of Books), Bob Stein (Institute for the Future of the
Book), Simon Worthington (Mute Magazine), Frank van Amerongen
(ThiemeMeulenhoff), and more.
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