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[Nettime-nl] Hacking the City 040 at DDW 22-30 October
pare [dse] on Wed, 19 Oct 2011 23:52:34 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Hacking the City 040 at DDW 22-30 October

"The Re-imagination of Freedom in Public Space"

Hacking the City is a 9 day exhibition on urban development, design, art and architecture.
More than 20 national and international participants show their work. They are addressing urban interventions, street art, experiments and research.

featuring also:
Premiere of Sander Veenhof MoMa Eindhoven
Premiere of new composition by Kees Tazelaar
3 other new interventions
lectures and concerts 29 October
Crowd scenting mini design ride installation

PULS – hacking the city is a 10 day event in The Netherlands, Eindhoven, 22-30 October 2011.
Exhibition around urbanism, design, art and architecture. 

Curator Tom Veeger and René Paré invited a number of artists and organisations, to present visions, projects and installations focussed on urban interventions, street art, experiments and research.

The core message is: "Hacking the City – The Re-imagination of Freedom in Public Space". An investigation into the changing interpretation and shift of the notion of Public Space in recent years. Including formal and informal interventions" 

The organisation is produced by the not for profit MAD emergent art center. This is the third PULS event in a row. 2009 was themed sense of the city, 2010 was themed signals of a city. 
The exhibition is part of Dutch Design Week (DDW) event, a 10-day festival on Design and related matters. The expected number of visitors is 150K.

In the former research lab of Philips: "Natlab", a stripped down old building, 30 rooms are used as cabinets to show the presentations and installations of PULS.
Partly funded by the city of Eindhoven and a number of sponsors, artists and organisations are responsible for their presentation,  facilitated by the organisation to meet basic needs.

more info http://www.madlab.nl/puls
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