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[Nettime-nl] Transnatural exhibition, workshops Dec. / Jan.
Arjen Bangma on Wed, 2 Nov 2011 17:56:00 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] Transnatural exhibition, workshops Dec. / Jan.

Dear Nettimers,

With the exhibition *Things That Mind Their Own Busines*s we explore how a
small but growing number of technological beings have made another step
towards autonomy by taking their energy production into their own hands as
an addition to their capability to work independently. Below you find our
exciting workshop program that's part of the exhibition *Things That Mind
Their Own Business* now running at the Transnatural headquarters till 10


***  Transplant robot personalities (Weavrs) in household appliances*

*by Philter Phactory / David Bausola / *

Weavrs are artificial personalities that live on the web, and that learn
new emotions and skills by searching around in social media. In this
workshop we’ll be transplanting Weavrs into Roomba’s (self navigating
vacuum cleaners) and other networked objects.

* Fri. 9 and Sat. 10 Dec. 10.00h*


 *** Simple genetic algorithms*

Participants with limited programming experience develop relatively
straightforward ways which enable aspects of software to independently
combine their own code-qualities. The goal is to develop a system which can
modify unpredictable properties into image, sound or otherwise of its own

*Sat. 17 Dec. / Sat. 14 Jan. / Sat. 28 Jan, 10.00h*


*** Energy harvesting prototypes*

Designers, programmers, artists and electronic specialists develop
prototypes for new energy harvesting machines. These will be wireless
devices that harness energy from their immediate environment in order to
realise interesting prototypes. Working prototypes will be part of the
exhibition Things That Mind Their Own Business!

*Sat. 17 Dec. / Sat. 14 Jan. / Sat. 28 Jan, 14.00h*

More information at www.transnatural.org
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