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[Nettime-nl] Eddie the Eagle goes Hackathon: a virus full of errors
Lex Slaghuis on Mon, 21 Nov 2011 16:02:07 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] Eddie the Eagle goes Hackathon: a virus full of errors

Eddie the Eagle goes Hackathon: a virus full of errors
Last party/exhibition event of 2011
Saturday the 26th of November
from 21:00 till 04:00
Shell Toren Overhoeks Amsterdam Noord
â10 (including free cocktail & lottery ticket)

The future has found us! And its leader is a code. Our digitally hypnotised desire has led to a world without mistakes, governed by spyware and malware. Humanity is an experiment proved inferior. Letâs crack the code to correct it. Enter the Hackathon and exuberantly celebrate a world without errors! With high, low and no-tech, we are the new Trojan Horses marching in, ritually erasing the failings of the past. Letâs roughly and frantic lose our last human bit with a codefest in the Tower of the Shell.

Dresscode: come as your clone

Unless you have a job where you have to do what somebody else tells you to do,
then the only "person" qualified to be your boss would be a computer that was programmed especially for you, that would take into consideration all of your finances, prejudices, quirks, idea potential, temper tantrums, talents, personality conflicts, growth rate desired, amount and nature of competition, what you'll eat for breakfast on the day you have to fulfil a contract, who you're jealous of, etc. A lot of people could help me with parts and segments of the business, but only a computer would be totally useful to me. If I had a good computer I could catch up with my thoughts over the weekend if I ever got behind myself.
A computer would be a very qualified boss.
work : the philosophy of Andy Warhol

Participating Artists:
DJ Pjotr van de Diepte
DJ Jonas Ohlsson en Baba Electronica
DJ Deftig en DJ Schaduw
DJ Femke Dekker & Nicole Martens - 	
DJ Rufus Ketting
Adolf Butler presents the solo SAFE SWIM
Guilherme Machiavelli - 'I Will'
De grote Hans Zimmerman Goochel show
Dj Wezermat Collective 3000
Pinar and Viola
Roos Menkman
Sander Veenhof
Anne Jan Reijn
Roel Wouters & Luna Maurer
Jonas Lund
Jan Robert Leegte
Zoro Feigl
Miktor & Molf
Erik Alkema
Kristian de la Riva
others yet to be confirmed

The entrance fee is 10 euro, this is to support the Eddie the Eagle Museum since we donât do funding, we do parties to survive.
Sponsored by Campari, Stolichnaya, and Tulamore Dew, everyone gets a cocktail and a lottery ticket included with his ticket.

The event during the day:
Hack de Overheid â âApps for the Netherlandsâ
During the day of the 26th of November âApps for the Netherlandsâ will take place at the Shell Toren Overhoeks. People from all over the world will come together and gather different types of governmental data with the intention of converting this information into apps open for the public. âApps for the Netherlandsâ is a contest to develop socially relevant apps that make use of open data in order to encourage the transparency of our democracy. The government collects a wealth of information during the works they perform. We believe that the public, or the citizens should own this information. The government should not, can not and does not need to build all possible valuable applications for its citizens and their public life. By releasing data to the public, the citizens and businesses alike a different approach to social engineering and responsibility can arise, leading to shifts in power that generate stunning results for the societal and economic good.
Hotmamahot will prepare the food all day
Kees Koffie Kraakman will serve and preach the coffee.
Also during the day, documentaries and instable art will be on show.

Some mp's will also be attending the event and do 'data pitches', meaning they will reveal new governmental data that people can start using that day.
This data can be consulted at http://data.overheid.nl/. Futhermore, numerous workshops will be organized (about openhealthdata, openculturaldata, openspending; all new initiatives) and speakers will be doing numerous talks on the more experimental side of open data. In this context, check out Matt Bidulph <http://www.hackdiary.com/> or Marius Watz <http://www.unlekker.net/

Date/time: 26 november 10:00 â 21:00
Shell-toren, Overhoeksplein, Amsterdam Noord ( http://g.co/maps/w9ehs )
Inschrijven: http://www.hackdeoverheid.nl/2011/10/code-camping-amsterdam/ (onderaan)

Admission: Free

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