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[Nettime-nl] Fwd: LGRU Networked Graphics DEMO_contest: Call For Entries
Walter Langelaar on Mon, 5 Dec 2011 13:09:55 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] Fwd: LGRU Networked Graphics DEMO_contest: Call For Entries!

gevoorwaarde oproep voor inzendingen, excuseer het Engels ;)

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Subject: LGRU Networked Graphics DEMO_contest: Call For Entries!

hi all,

this Saturday WORM is hosting the 'LGRU Networked Graphics DEMOPARTY', an event in the context of the 'Libre Graphics Research Unit'; a traveling lab where new ideas for creative tools are developed. The demoparty will have a strong focus on creative work made with current and emerging web standards like <canvas> and WebGL, and so we launch the following call for entries:

/LGRU Networked Graphics DEMOCONTEST/

We are looking for original [audio]visual browser-based artworks that make creative use of the current HTML5 standard and related technologies such as the canvas element, WebGL and Javascript. Entries will be judged by an expert panel including Finnish demoscener and pixel pervert Visa-Valtteri Pimiä (aka 'Visy'), Tobias Leingruber (aka tobi-x) of Mozilla Labs, and the LGRU_Team. Top entries will be showcased in the event, most acclaimed entries/artists have a chance to win a short-term residency at WORM's /moddr_lab/ to produce and publish new work in the LGRU's 'Networked Graphics' context.


- platform for viewing the work is a standard webbrowser; no add-ons, no plugins, no extensions. For the event we will be using up-to-date versions of Firefox and Chromium on a vanilla Ubuntu 11.10 system.

- you can only send in URL's to the actual work, no files, no screenshots, no video. Please include your (artist)name and title of the work as well, if any.

- entries must be received before 10am(GMT+1) on Friday December 9th, and should be sent to info {AT} worm.org using the following convention in the subject/header:  '<your name here> DEMOPARTY submission'

- work that somehow fits or emphasizes the notion of 'Networked Graphics' is encouraged. For more context and info check http://lgru.net

- work that somehow uses or employs our 'Hotglue' platform is encouraged. For more info check http://hotglue.me , for an example on how to deploy scripts on 'Hotlgue' check http://hotglue.me/manual#manual.head.130934667698

- there are no categories, and you are free to interpret the above sketched context however you want. Keep in mind that showing your demo during the event on Saturday night is bound to a certain timelimit; though there's no set rule for this,  we should be able to showcase your piece in 15 minutes max.

The narrow timeframe to complete your entry is based on the fact that in 'traditional' demoscene contests all creative work is done /during/ the event, usually over the course of several days. As our demoparty is a 'one night thing', we decided to launch this call over the webz so all of you could enter freely. On that note, you are also very welcome to join us for the actual event this Saturday at the new WORM in Rotterdam (more info in link below), and plz feel free to forward this call to whoever might be interested!



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