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[Nettime-nl] Zojuist verschenen en beschikbaar on-line: Network Notebook
Eric Kluitenberg on Thu, 15 Dec 2011 13:00:13 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] Zojuist verschenen en beschikbaar on-line: Network Notebook 05: Legacies of Tactical Media - The Tactics of Occupation: From Tompkins Square to Tahrir.

geachte nettime-nl'ers,

Deze week is mijn Network Notebook 05 Legacies of Tactical Media - The Tactics of Occupation: From Tompkins Square to Tahrir verschenen bij het Institute of Network Cultures (INC) in Amsterdam. Het is een mooi boekje geworden dat lijnen trekt tussen de nalatenschap van de tactische media (non)beweging en de opmerkelijke reeks sociale en politieke protesten die 2011 hebben gekenmerkt.

Het boekje is vrij beschikbaar als download via de website van het INC en tevens via de Tactical Media Files website te vinden. Daarnaast zal het via diverse kanalen de komende tijd 'fysiek' worden verspreid.

Veel leesplezier!

vriendelijke groet,



Out now and available for download: 

Legacies of Tactical Media - The Tactics of Occupation: From Tompkins Square to Tahrir. 

INC Network Notebooks 05

Tactical Media employ the 'tactics of the weak' to operate on the terrain of strategic power by means of 'any media necessary'. Once the rather exclusive practice of politically engaged artists and activists, the tactical appropriations of media tools and distribution infrastructures by the disenfranchised and the disgruntled have moved from the margins to centre stage. The explosive growth of mass participation in self-mediation in countless blogs, video sharing, micro-blogging, and social networking platforms has created an unprecedented complexity in the info-sphere.

While this frenzy of media activity has been heralded as the catalyst of the new democratisation movements in North-Africa and the Middle-East, the anti-austerity/precarity movements in Southern Europe and the UK, and the recent #occupy movements in the US and Northern Europe, its increasingly intransparent complexity combined with the post 9/11 'crash of symbols' has thrown its political efficacy into question. The demise of WikiLeaks as the crown jewel of on-line whistle-blowing has added to a thoroughly opaque picture.

More than ever tactical media operators require effective instruments to create the tactical cartographies they need to navigate the hybrid realities they are immersed in. This notebook traces the legacies of tactical media to begin creating these hybrid cartographies.

About the author:  
Eric Kluitenberg is an independent theorist and writer on culture, media and technology. He is editor in chief of the Tactical Media Files - an on-line documentation resource for tactical media practices world-wide.
( www.tacticalmediafiles.net )

Network Notebooks editors: Geert Lovink and Sabine Niederer. Producer: Margreet Riphagen. Copy editing: Allison Guy. Design: Studio Léon&Loes, Rotterdam http://www.leon-loes.nl. Publisher: Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam. Supported by: School for Communication and Design at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Domein Media, Creatie en Informatie) and Stichting Democratie en Media..

Download the pdf here: networkcultures.org/_uploads/NN5_EricKluitenberg.pdf

If you want to receive free paper copies of this pamphlet, for example 10 or 20 for your Occupy scene of media activism class please write to books {AT} networkcultures.org and mention a more or less reliable postal address. Please note: without a postal address it is difficult for us to send you copies!

Eric Kluitenberg, Legacies of Tactical Media - The Tactics of Occupation: From Tompkins Square to Tahrir, Network Notebooks 05, Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam, November 2011.


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