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[Nettime-nl] arrogant? Just sh*t scared | Re: facebook? exit! | Re: Alan
Richard Reekers on Sat, 3 Mar 2012 19:57:19 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] arrogant? Just sh*t scared | Re: facebook? exit! | Re: Alan Shapiro ...

Dear Mr. Shapiro and dear NL-Nettimers,

Thanks for the quick replies. While away for middle class-life groceries (on Saturday!), the turbulence looks like NL-Nettime in the old days ;) For Mr. Shapiro: I copy/pasted other replies until now underneath. (It looks as if i am fighting windmills again - and again, and again, and ...)

As one of the first social media-users, I do not consider myself as a purist. Social media are community binding and very interesting phenomena. Full stop.

I quit facebook (at http://www.quitfacebookday.com/ ) because of the privacy hassle at that time, but forealmost because of the missed opportunity of this enormous internet company for reasons I've given in the first posting.

Collaborating, even by appointing to a FB-posting done by a third party, with this heavy influential company is keeping this way of thinking alive. Especially done by an opinionleader on the/a future.

I am shit scared of "transhumanists". Their motto: "If it technology-wise can be done, then it will be done" - eventually leading to Dyson Spheres and Type III civilisations of Kardesjev (see links underneath).

The facebook-way, especially facebook, warms-up for such a future; this company is oblivious for its influence and later-on implications just by acting as a classic/traditional moneymaker. Am I arrogant? So be it then.

"Brainbuilder" prof Hugo de Garis in two minutes about the topic


And yes, I use Google products and yes, especially after the first of this month also they seems to close the privacy net. But still, they have got a future view (not to say 'vision') ánd they at least pretend to use their media power to something else besides that one world topic today: money.

http://youtu.be/uDDy7QSdt6A ("Solve for X")

Anyhow, with a firm confidence in a good - whatever that may be - future, I sign,

Future Community NewDay.nl | ETLD Group

Richard Reekers


NewDay.nl/ETLD promoting organic evolution



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Reply to Richard Reekers:

It's not my facebook page, so pay more attention to details before you jump onto your preaching soap box.

I share many of the criticisms of facebook that you express, but unlike you, I am not a purist. I participate in things of which I am critical. I live in this world. And I don't look for opportunities, like you just did, to instantly switch contexts and mouth off about my pet concerns. Your tone and style are arrogant.


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Point taken. On the other hand: the event(s) itself at Rietveld look pretty interesting to me.


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I think Shapiros blog says: "More information at Facebook about the event"
I took a look at the Facebook page and it is actually made by someone that plans or works for the 3 day event, not by Shapiro. Moreover, it does't say anything more about Shapiros lecture, Shapiros blog post is more informative about this. All information that is at the facebook page (except for people RSVP-ing, which is not necessary, just a social marketing and information scraping tool) is actually also available at the second link Shapiro offers you in his email.

At the midst of cumulative developments and at the dawn of unprecedented times I think it is important to read with care and criticize the right people by asking the right questions, instead of ejecting or as you say "exit Shapiro".

(RR: Quick and untouched translation with Google Translate)
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Could be an interesting discussion.

Personally, I'm like, use any technology platform or in your own way
Advantage and voices heard?

I must say that I add-block, among others. like all of facebook
Path filter.

(Just as Richard ny E-mail uses Chello / UPC as E-mail?)

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