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[Nettime-nl] MaHKUplatform 2012
Henk Slager on Wed, 9 May 2012 16:26:53 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] MaHKUplatform 2012

MaHKUplatform 2012: Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design

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In the context of research presentations of students, MaHKU has organized since 2010 the annual DARE (Dutch Artistic Research Event) symposium, where a keynote speaker offers thought-provoking views on how to publicize and disseminate artistic research. After Nicolas Bourriaud in 2010 and Hubertus von Amelunxen in 2011, Maria Lind spoke this year about the curatorial project Abstract Possible. This topic was further discussed with Edwin Jacobs, Macha Roesink, and Joke Robaard. Constructive ideas about themes such as formal abstraction, economic abstraction, social abstraction (withdrawal strategies), and contested territory pointed to direct or indirect sources of inspiration for further contextualization of the various graduate exhibitions.
MA Fine Art
Longing, Belonging
Curated by Mika Hannula
16 May–27 May
Hours: Wednesday–Sunday 11–18
Opening: 16 May 17–19
Location: Academiegalerie, Minrebroederstraat 16, Utrecht.
Participants: Jaiyoung Cho, Efrat Gal, Ceemin Golshan, Saebon Kim, Hyemin Kim, Joyce Overheul, Enrico Piras, Sarah Stein. The starting point for the exhibition is the way we experience a city: understood as the cities we live in and the cities we come from and, not to forget, the cities we pass by and the cities that we dream about. Longing, Belonging both focuses on where the participating students come from and at the same time on how they cope—using spatial imagination—in their current sites and situations. Their interventions have gone through the principle of three T’s: experiences are transformed, translated, and transmitted.

MA Spatial Design
Like Pebbles on a Beach
Curated by Arjen Oosterman
22 June–30 June
Hours: Wednesday–Saturday 12–17
Opening: June 22, 17–19
Location: Aorta, Achter de Dom 14, Utrecht.
Participants: Ana Abashidze, Xenia Armao, Mita Daradasih, Pembe Birinci, Olga van Lingen, Otto Paans, Bambang Pramono, Federico Violato, Anneroos van Vredendaal, Cui Xun, Meng Zhang. From all over the world Spatial Design students have drifted to the Dutch shores. They brought personal issues and cultural contexts— matters they were confronted with, couldn’t avoid, or were simply fascinated by. Improving daily life, help solving difficult questions, or adding quality where an opportunity can be found: in each case spatial design will make a difference. How and in what way is the subject of exploration, research, and direction. Eleven proposals for a better life.
Public event in the context of the Day of Architecture, 23 June.
MA Communication Design
Curated by Joke Robaard
28 June–1 July
Hours: Friday 10­–21, Saturday and Sunday 11–17
Opening: 28 June, 16–21
Location: HKU: Faculty of Visual Arts and Design, Ina Boudier- Bakkerlaan 50, Utrecht. Participants: Eff Chai-Arriras, Cornelia Edwards, Marvin Fernandes, Monika Kanokova, Aaltje Kramer, Fu Le, Dong Young Lee, Hasmik Matevosyan, Tumi Moeti, Ana Ordóñez, Nijntje To, Theo Varnavas. Within the parameters of studying, researching, and the act of creating, Communication Design students will invent new presentative and representative ways of installing their work. They question the dualism of working within a flexible collective program that at the same time includes all individual creative work and research.
PhD Fine Art

Symposium: Hannah Arendt’s Crisis in Culture 50th Anniversary: Reflections, Implications, Speculations
16 May–19 May
Location: Goleb, Amsterdam.
In 2011, Jeremiah Day took up the 50th anniversary of Arendt’s The Crisis in Culture: Its Social and Its Political Significancethrough a series of reading groups in London, Berlin, and Amsterdam. This project now culminates in a gathering of international authorities and participants of the previous sessions, including Fred Dewey, Susannah Gottlieb, Taf Hassam, Wolfgang Heuer, Elena Loizidou, Gertrud Sandqvist, and Michael Schulze, presented by the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) and co-hosted by the artist’s initiative Goleb. Jeremiah Day is pursuing a Doctorate of the Arts in collaboration with MaHKU and VU.
More information: www.projectgoleb.wordpress.com
In the course of May, MaHKU will deploy an entirely new website design developed by Kathrin Hero. In the fall, MaHKU will start a new series of publications under the title MaHKUscript in which a.o. Maria Lind’s presentation will appear.
MaHKU. Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design
MA Fine Art, MA Design (Editorial Design, Fashion Communication Design, Interior Design, Public Space Design). Applications until 31 May.
More information: www.mahku.nl or info {AT} mahku.nl.
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