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[Nettime-nl] Open logo design session, Rotterdam, 17-10
Florian Cramer on Mon, 14 May 2012 12:20:39 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Open logo design session, Rotterdam, 17-10

[De volgende tekst is in het Engels omdat de workshop in Engels
plaatsvindt - groet, Florian]

Kenniscentrum Creating 010, Hogeschool Rotterdam, WORM, DEAF &
Designplatform Rotterdam
invite you to an

for Creating 010

- Thursday May 17th 2012
- WORM, Boomgaardsstraat 71, 3012 XA Rotterdam (off Witte de Withstraat)
- workshop room on the ground floor next to the WORM.shop
- Start programme 12:00, lunch at 14:00, end at 17:00

# Introducing Creating 010

Creating 010  is a new research center of Hogeschool Rotterdam
(Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences). It is affiliated to the
Willem de Kooning Academy and the Institute of Communication, Media
and Information Technology. Creating 010 conducts applied research on
new forms of interdisciplinary and project-oriented work in the
creative sector: design, arts, media and IT. Open media and
participatorydesign are chief concerns for Creating 010.

# The experiment

Creating 010 and Designplatform Rotterdam invite designers to
participate in a session where Creating 010's logo is collaboratively
designed in an Open Source, peer-to-peer process, without traditional
team hierarchies. The workshop is coordinated by the Italian graphic
designer Emanuele Bonetti who developed this methodology as his
Masters project at the Piet Zwart Institute:

# You are invited

Participants will include everyone who wants to join, next to
designers working at Creating 010. The process includes collective
brainstorming, visual research using Wiki-like software and group
negotiations towards an end product. If thelogo developed in this
process will be adopted by Creating 010, a fee of 1000 Euro will be
split among all external participants. There will be free catering and
lunch during the workshop.

# Registration

We kindly ask everyone who wants to participate to send an informal
E-Mail in advance to creating010 {AT} hr.nl no later than on Monday, May
For logistical reasons, a maximum of twelve people can take part in
the session. All participants are asked to bring their own laptops;
WORM's WiFi will be used. The session will be held in English.


Kenniscentrum Creating 010, Hogeschool Rotterdam and
Designplatform Rotterdam

More information: http://pzwart.wdka.nl/pzi/2012/05/06/open-logo-design-session/

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