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[Nettime-nl] Fwd: [New post] Fight for the Life of Mahmoud Sarsak! (London)

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> Subject: [New post] Fight for the Life of Mahmoud Sarsak! (London)
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> Fight for the Life of Mahmoud Sarsak! (London)
> by hecksinductionhour
> Fight for the Life of Mahmoud Sarsak!
> Monday, June 11,  3â5 pm â Department for Culture Media and Sport
> 2-4 Cockspur Street â London SW1Y 5DH [just behind Trafalgar Square]
> As the world watches millionaire footballers compete for the European Championship trophy, Palestinian footballer Mahmoud Sarsak is close to death as he enters his 85th day of hunger strike, the longest in history.
> Sarsak, a 25-year-old footballer and student from Gaza, was arrested three years ago as he was trying to meet up with the national team in the West Bank, and has been detained indefinitely without charge or trial ever since.
> Come and protest against this blatant abuse of human rights on Monday 11th June at 3pm outside the Department of Media, Culture and Sport in a coordinated action with the We Are All Hana Shalabi Network from Scotland who will be protesting outside the British Consulate in Jerusalem.
> Bring footballs, football shirts and banners for a fun media-friendly kickabout outside the DMCS to raise awareness of Sarsak and the thousands of Palestinian prisoners being held under administrative detention and illegal combatant laws.
> Please note:
> This Facebook event was created because Facebook blocked all new activity on our original Facebook event for this protest.
> Clearly it was too effective in gaining rapid growing support, so presumably the Zionist trolls made false allegations and Facebook just blocked it without any notification or investigation. Please follow details and updates also through emails, twitter and phones.
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> Twitter:  {AT} palestineplace
> Email: najah383 {AT} hotmail.com
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