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[Nettime-nl] Digital play, politics and epistemology -The Citizen scient
Menno Grootveld on Sun, 24 Jun 2012 15:12:01 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Digital play, politics and epistemology -The Citizen scientist on the move

Excuses voor de Engelse aankondiging ;-)

*Digital play, politics and epistemology -The Citizen scientist on the move
*What*: Academic conference (Utrecht) and workshops (Amsterdam).
*When*: Monday 25 June (Utrecht), Tuesday 26 June (Utrecht) and Wednesday 27 June (Amsterdam). *Where*: Utrecht (Drift 21, Sweelinckzaal) and Amsterdam (De Waag, Nieuwmarkt).

Our media landscape has changed drastically and needs to be redefined. Location-aware HD video cameras have become nearly ubiquitous, networked computers have dramatically increased the distribution of information, games are increasingly used for serious, even scientific purposes, digital mobile devices equipped with sensors are used for monitoring environments and gathering data, and new mobile communication technologies have changed the modes and dimensional levels of participation and activism.

Media makers, social activists and scientists have been quick to respond to these changes. To name a few examples, play mechanics are used to engage citizens in co-creating their own environment (urban planning games); users of smart-phones and networked devices are able to track, study and report on environments (citizen science projects); science games claim to lead to a better understanding of science as practiced in the ´real world´ (environmental games); ´hactivist´ artists aim at disturbing the system through the use of digital media (urban play practices); a socially created documentary like /18 Days in Egypt /played an important role in Egypt's ongoing revolution; ludic interfaces are used as political digital platforms (the protest app Sukey) that allow for new forms of bottom-up participatory politics (Occupy movement); and political games for change encourage reflection on what is going on in the world and stimulate players to undertake action (PING-Poverty is not a game).

The conference will not only explore the new social, political and scientific affordances of these playful media forms, but will also critically revisit the claims, hopes and dreams that these media entail about levelling the treshhold for common citizens to actively participate in media production and knowledge creation.

*More information*: Conference website www.citizenscience.nl <http://www.citizenscience.nl>.

*Interested in joining us*: please let us know by sending an email to citizenscienceconference {AT} gmail.com <mailto:citizenscienceconference {AT} gmail.com>. For the workshop sessions in Amsterdam on Wednesday, you can register by filling in the registration form on the Conference website.

Kind regards,

On behalf of the organizers of the conference (7scenes, Waag Society Amsterdam, Utrecht University)

Joost Raessens

*Prof. dr. Joost Raessens *|**Professor of Media Theory |Head of School of Media and Culture Studies |Faculty of Humanities | Utrecht University |Muntstraat 2A |Room 2.09 |NL-3512 EV Utrecht |T +31 30 253 6270 / +31 611 340 241 |F +31 30 253 6167 |www.raessens.nl <http://www.raessens.nl>| www.gamesandplay.nl <http://www.gamesandplay.nl>| J.Raessens {AT} uu.nl <mailto:J.Raessens {AT} uu.nl>| OnderwijsdirecteurMCW.gw {AT} uu.nl <mailto:OnderwijsdirecteurMCW.gw {AT} uu.nl>

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