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[Nettime-nl] Creative Now - 14 creatieve industrieën, 30-6, WORM, Rotter
Florian Cramer on Mon, 25 Jun 2012 21:27:35 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Creative Now - 14 creatieve industrieën, 30-6, WORM, Rotterdam


14 prototypes of creative industry factories
business fair  {AT}  WORM, Boomgaardsstraat 71, 3012 XA Rotterdam
zaterdag 30-6, 12:00â18:00


De creatieve industrie is ÃÃn van de snelst groeiende sectoren van de
Nederlandse economie. Naast de initiÃle creatie â het creÃren van
vorm, betekenis of symbolische waarde â is in deze topsector de kern
van de activiteiten ook de manier waarop zij die activiteiten
vormgeven: het creatieve innovatieproces. Als topsector gaat het om
bedrijven die hun bestaansreden vinden in creativiteit, innovatie en

De masteropleiding Media Design van het Piet Zwart Institute, Willem
de Kooning Academie Hogeschool Rotterdam presenteert 14 prototypes van
fabrieken voor de productie van film, beeld, sociale netwerken en
design voor het verstrekken van inspiratie en
investeringsmogelijkheden voor alle bezoekers.


The creative industries are among the fastest-growing sectors of the
Dutch economy. Besides the creation of form, meaning, or symbolic
value, the core activities in this high-profile sector include a
reflection on the way in which these same activities are being
designed â the process of creative innovation. This high-profile
sector revolves around companies based on creativity, innovation and

The Media Design & Communication Masters programme of the Piet Zwart
Institute, Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam University of Applied
Sciences presents 14 prototypes of factories for the production of
film, images, social networks and design, providing all visitors with
opportunities for
inspiration and investment.


* Data Factory *, by Andre Castro [PT]
A learnersâ guide to e-marketing, for marketing specialists and
consumers alike. Based on various case studies, we will help you
understand and navigate the tumultuous seas of online marketing.

* Human Constraints Factory *, by Astrid van Nimwegen [NL]
The factory for âdirecting the unexpectedâ applies strict formal
constraints to produce a 20-minute video. Everything is directed
except the charactersâ behaviour. All the elements needed to create a
film are fixed, framed and recorded from a single wide camera angle.

* Directorâs Cut Factory *, by BartholomÃus Traubeck [AT]
The Directorâs Cut Factory produces short and compressed re-cuts of
popular titles from film history â in a fully automated fashion. All
editing and post-production are done using a commercial online
application which âautomatically turns plain videos to beautifully
edited and produced Movies, perfect for sharingâ.

* Assembly Mine Factory *, by Dave Young [IE]
Reclaim domestic individuality and disrupt the uniformity of the Cold
War modular kitchen aesthetic: a new flat-pack kit consisting of
components taken from various Ikea products will be available for
construction, producing a unique piece of mass-produced furniture.

* Identity Factory *, by Demet AdigÃzel [TR]
Change your name,
Change your appearance,

* Musical Factory *, by Dennis van Vreden [NL]
This Factory offers you a protocol called Musicaloke, allowing you to
envision your fantasies musically â creating your own virtual reality
as well as experiencing it in reality. A fantasy a day keeps the
doctor away.

* Dissolute Image Factory *, by Eleanor Greenhalgh [UK]
The Dissolute Image is a technique for collaborative image hosting
and/or censorship. Your part in the task is simple: adopt a single
pixel. Thousands of adoptions later, an image emerges. Donât like what
you see? Withdraw your adoption and censor the image again, one pixel
at a time.

* TheÂPaintshop.bizÂaka Paintshop Factory *, by Jonas Lund [SE]
The Paintshop is a real-time collaborative painting tool, offering you
the possibility to sell your artworks and buy great pieces of art for
a very affordable price.

* Colour Tests Factory *, by Lucian Wester [NL]
A system for making art using colour combinations. Along with
instructions on how to make a Lucian Wester.

* Train of Knowledge Factory *, by Marie Wocher [DE]
The Train of Knowledge Factory creates a system that allows train
passengers with matching interests to meet and share knowledge during
their journey.

* Unemployment Factory *, by Manà DÃniel SzÃllÃsi [HU]
Factories are becoming increasingly robotised to in order maximise
profit. Less and less manual human labour is required, meaning more
unemployment and less solvent consumers.

* Sustainable Publishing Factory *, byÂPetra MiliÄki [HR]
cycling trash. Include your production in a recycling circle by using
an instant design methodology.

* 3D Stock Factory *, by Janis Klimanovs [LV] and Javier Lloret [ES & FR]
There is a high demand for 3D stock in film industry, video production
and advertisement. We offer a 3D stock which contains 3D image and
video models of human beings. Old-fashioned stock services offer a one
angle limited perspective of the subject. With our service there are
no boundaries.

* (Hyper) Domestic Factory *, byÂMicha Prinsen and Roel Roscam Abbing [NL]
TheÂ(Hyper) Domestic Factory believes that users should be free to
reverse engineer any everyday object that surrounds them. Either to
improve these objects, customize them, repair them or just to
understand them.

âCreative Nowâ was developed in the Thematic Seminar âFactory Resetâ
by Florian Cramer and Aymeric Mansoux with first-year students of the
Masters program Media Design & Communication, Piet Zwart Institute,
Willem de Kooning Academy in collaboration with research center
Creating 010, Hogeschool Rotterdam

Kenniscentrum Creating 010, Hogeschool Rotterdam

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