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Donna Metzlar on Wed, 1 Aug 2012 15:56:05 +0200 (CEST)

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Subject: [OpenToko.org] announcement: FABFUSE2012 conference 8-11 aug
From:    "OpenToko.org" <info {AT} opentoko.org>
Date:    Mon, July 30, 2012 10:38 pm
To:      info {AT} opentoko.org

FABFUSE2012 conference <http://www.opentoko.org/932>
8-11 August 2012  {AT}  FabLab Amersfoort

Most Fab Labs around the world were founded or funded by big institutions.
There is an increasing interest however in establishing community supported
workshops for digital fabrication which are financially independent and
approach the Fab Lab from a grassroots perspective. FABFUSE2012 intends to
bring everyone together who has a grassroots Fab Lab, who wants to start
one, who has to rethink the strategy of their existing Fab Lab and everyone
else interested. Place and time: Amersfoort, The Netherlands; 8-11 August
2012. See also: http://fabfuse.org.

[image: Inline image 1]

The program for Fabfuse <http://www.fabfuse.org/en/program> is now online.
If you?re not in the lineup yourself, please bring a project, a product, a
prototype or a poster to show.

If you haven?t already done so, you can still buy your admission at the
pre-event rate (?90) if you pay before wednesday (August 1st). Tickets will
also be sold at the door at ?120. Bursaries are available on request for
those who are unable to afford the admission fee.

Finally, with one more week to go, please spread the word on Fabfuse to
whomever you can think of who shouldn?t be missing this first grassroots
fab lab event. We?re looking forward to seeing you at Fabfuse!

best regards,
Bart Bakker, Diana Wildschut, Harmen Zijp, Jaap Vermaas, Karen Wins, Peter

*FABFUSE2012 is the first International Grassroots FabLab event. It will be
held in Amersfoort, the Netherlands from 8 ? 11 August. Fabfuse intends to
start a body of knowledge and practices for setting up and running the $10K
style fab lab. Fabfuse will report the results of their meeting at FAB8.*

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