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[Nettime-nl] Designing with genetic algorithms at Transnatural
Bow - Transnatural on Fri, 7 Sep 2012 14:30:34 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Designing with genetic algorithms at Transnatural

The Transnatural Festival presents a cutting edge cultural, natural
and technological experience. The exhibition opens today at 7 PM and
will run until October 8th at Science Center NEMO in Amsterdam. The
third edition of the festival showcases future scenarios and recent
innovation from the creative industry and the business community. This
year the program consists of a month-long interdisciplinary
exhibition, a two-day conference and a weekend of performances and
music. The workshops and inspiration day program during Transnatural
Festival is hands on and suitable for individuals and groups from the
creative industry and commercial sector.

As a Nettime mailinglist member, you might like this workshop:

In this workshop programmers, designers, artists, and
electro-tinkerers develop ideas for new, simple genetic algorithms
that produce image or sound or that fabricate objects. Genetic
algorithms are computational techniques that mimic biological
evolutionary processes. Applied in design fields, they can generate
unpredictable form solutions and variability in answer to design

After an artistic and technical introduction participants generate
ideas in groups with mixed skills and develop their ideas in a guided
process. The workshop will be introduced and coached programmer and
artist Luis Rodil-Fernández.

date: saturday 22 september 13.30 - 16.30 hr
location: Science Center NEMO
price: € 55,- (Entrance to exhibition included)
subscription: academy {AT} transnatural.org
more information: http://www.transnatural.nl/17-Workshops

Other workshops & inspiration days during the Transnatural Exhibition:
(various days between September 7th - October 7th)

Repairing - workshop
Repairing is about the power and beauty of re- pair in terms of its
cultural, economic and cre- ative value. Participants repair fabrics
using Woolfiller, a repair product developed by de- signer Heleen
Klopper. Join designer Lotte Dekker and make broken china whole again
with the New Kintsugi technique, inspired by an old Japanese
Stuff With Attitude - workshop
Experiment with lo-tech materials and oxidize a mirror with designer
Lex Pott. Learn to design through a natural and partly (un) controlled
process and take your own home-made mirror.
100 Things - inspiration day
On the inspiration day 100 Things, run by inven- tor Aad Kruiswijk,
you are invited to get as in- ventive as MacGyver and create something
from nothing. A selection of 100 objects will grant you entry into a
universe of infinite possibilities and inspiration. Prepare to be

More information on http://www.transnatural.nl/17-Workshops
Questions and registration: academy {AT} transnatural.org

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