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[Nettime-nl] No-Olympics from 1928 to 1992/2028: Amsterdam saved from 21
Tjebbe van Tijen via Chello on Thu, 1 Nov 2012 15:29:34 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] No-Olympics from 1928 to 1992/2028: Amsterdam saved from 21st century Olympic Games colonisation in the year 2028

No-Olympics from 1928 to 1992/2028: Amsterdam saved from 21st century Olympic Games colonisation in the year 2028

Eerbetoon aan Saar Boerlage en de vele anoniem gebleven activisten van 1984-1986 in dit tableau geplaatst op Flickr (met een lijstje documentaire verwijzingen)


NO OLYMPICS 1992-2028 is an homage to the Dutch activists of the period 1984-1986 that helped prevent that the Netherlands and especially Amsterdam was going to be ran over by the Olympics Exploitive Machinery. One of the major figures in this campaign that sabotaged and problematised the official bid of the City of Amsterdam for the Olympic Games in 1992 was Saar Boerlage (*) a former Pacifist Party member of the local city council and a social geographer. Amsterdam has been hosting the Olympic Games of 1928 which were of an other order in scale and impact and there was a big and costly property development and building industry lobby to bid once again one century later for The Games of 2028.

Costly government sponsored futurist planning committees have been busying for the last years to draw up new super plans. In spite of the deflation of the property bubble in the year 2008, these initiatives kept pushing, until yesterday when the new government coalition between the Liberal (VVD) and Social democrat (PvdA) party published there economic policy program with cuts in the order of 16 milliard Euro. One of the few positive points in this program was a negative decision on the Dutch bid for the Olympics of the year 2028. The plug has been pulled out of this project.

This picture is to honour the early activists from the mid eighties of last century for their 'healthy minds' and insight to start their protest against the Machinery of the Olympic Games.

Dit tableau is één van mijn 166 nieuws-tableaus op Flickr zie

http://www.flickr.com/photos/7141213 {AT} N04/sets/72157630468570982/
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