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[Nettime-nl] December 14th - Bring Your Own Beamer (XL)
Frank-Jan van Lunteren | SETUP on Wed, 5 Dec 2012 15:03:17 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] December 14th - Bring Your Own Beamer (XL)


Bring Your Own Beamer XL 

Visual explosion presented by SETUP,
Liefhebber and FIBER -- "One night and one space to use all the beamers
you can get your hands on and transform an empty space into an
exhibition like you have never experienced before." 

 Friday December
14th, SETUP, Liefhebber (Utrecht) and FIBER (A'dam) will join forces for
a combined Bring Your Own Beamer in Utrecht. Experienced in both
Amsterdam and Utrecht the three will push this one-night-exhibition into
a visual extravaganza. This collaboration will take place in the old,
beautiful industrial hangar of NUtrecht at the Cartesiusweg in Utrecht,
right next to trainstation 'Zuilen', making it easily accessible by
train. Together we'll present an experimental evening with more than 40
various artists, galleries, cultural institutions, college students and
collectors of film and video showing their own art. Besides this, we're
inviting everyone else to show any kind of video work and display this
total in a new context, through and over each other. 

Details: www.setup.nl/byob2/


Are you interested in joining as an artist? Please
do! You're free to choose whatever work it is you want to present. DIY,
One-Night, Video, Interaction, Trial-and-Error. Apply here:

 Projection Mapping workshop 

 Part of the BYOB-programme are
several workshops in which total newcomers to contemporary visual art &
design are introduced to new disciplines. The outcomes will be presented
directly within BYOB. You can still sign up for a workshop Projection
Mapping, given by Utrecht-based visual collective DEFRAME. More info at


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