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[Nettime-nl] Media Art Histories 2013: RENEW
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[Nettime-nl] Media Art Histories 2013: RENEW

Renew 2013
Media Art Histories 2013: RENEW
The 5th International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science
and Technology
Riga, October 8 â 11, 2013
The 5th International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science
and Technology, Renew, will be hosted by RIXC and held in Riga, Latvia,
October 8 â 11, 2013, coinciding with the international festival for
new media culture Art+Communication. It will host three days of
keynotes, panels and poster sessions on the histories of networked
digital, electronic and technological media arts.
Besides general topics of the call, the theme of Renew, Media Art
History 2013 addresses current tendencies in sustainability quests from
various perspectives. As media art is based on increasingly out-dating
technology and it is dependent on energy (electricity) the conference
will discuss sustainable approaches towards the issues of producing,
preserving and representing media artworks â how to ârenewâ them
through both â tools and histories. By focusing on networked media
arts, the Renew conference will cover a broad range of topics to include
early communication art (mail, fax, radio, satellite, etc.), net.art and
net.radio, open source and network culture, locative media and wireless
communities, hybrid networks and electromagnetic art, and last but not
least â artistic investigations in sustainability, and future visions
of art within the convergence of information and energy technologies.
Proposed topics:
* Histories of networked art and media technologies
* Archiving, preserving and representing new media art
* Media archaeology
* Paradigm shift â from new media to post-media conditions in art
* Writing histories of media art across Eastern Europe and the Baltics
* Revising the geospatial aspects â for writing comparative media art
* Resilient networks and emerging âtechno-ecologicalâ art
* Multifarious potential of expression in media art â ânew
of our times
* * *
DEADLINE for abstract proposals: January 25, 2013.
Notification of acceptance will be announced in March 25, 2013.
Individual proposals should consist of a 250-word abstract with title.
Proposals and inquiries regarding submissions should be made on
www.mediaarthistory.org web-site. Call for papers SUBMISSION PAGE.
* * *
Selected papers from the conference will be published in Acoustic Space
and other venues. Founded in 1998 by E-Lab as artistic journal for sound
art, networked audio experiments and new media culture, since 2007
Acoustic Space comes out as peer-reviewed journal for transdisciplinary
research on art, science, technology and society, published by RIXC &
Art Research Lab of Liepaja University.
* * *
The conference will be complemented by a variety of affiliated events,
including the Art+Communication festival, with a thematically related
media art exhibition, experimental film and video screening programme,
live performances, concerts and workshops.
* * *

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