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[Nettime-nl] stARTup camp {AT} WORM, Rotterdam, 22-6
Florian Cramer on Thu, 20 Jun 2013 11:30:30 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] stARTup camp {AT} WORM, Rotterdam, 22-6

A.s. zaterdag van 12 t/m 17 uur is er een startup-beurs van nieuwe
creatieve bedrijven, opgezet door studenten van Hogeschool Rotterdam, bij
WORM, Boomgaardsstraat 71, Rotterdam.
Als gastprogrammering bij het Piet Zwart Institute Media Cabaret in WORM op
de a.s. vrijdag zijn er ook v/a ongeveer 21 uur Pecha Kucha presentaties
van de 9 startups.

Iedereen is van harte welkom om de startups te bekijken en interactief te
Voor meer informatie: http://www.startupcamp.nl

stARTup Camp Rotterdam 2013

stARTup Camp Rotterdam 2013 is a two-day event where creative startups
present themselves to you.

Young media designers and innovators from the Rotterdam University of
Applied Sciences will show and share their ideas for new creative

Each startup will have its own booth in an informal setting at WORM. You
are invited to interact and connect!

*Artblock Plus *
Surf the web without art.

Vandalism services

*Buying a Kooning*
Crowdfunding the acquisition of a famous painting so we can all own it.

*CQ7 Creative Ability Test*
Discover your potential and be part of the creative workforce of tomorrow!

CrowdWHIZ.biz is a crowdsourcing platform where designers are matched up in
fun and rewarding challenges for real clients.

*Data Dust*
Data Dust provides you the service of producing exclusive artwork using
your own data.

Outsourcing DIY: I do it for you!

Mypio is a support and investment initiative that allows artists to make
money while supporting their friends!

*Tip Top Education*
Avant-garde teaching for children in elementary schools

You are invited to see and engage with their 9 startups. Give your
feedback, exchange ideas and have fun!

Pecha Kucha prelude on Friday, June 21st at 19:00, WORM: the stARTup Camp
Rotterdam 2013 creatives will present their startups as guests of the Piet
Zwart Institute Media
 in WORM.
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