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[Nettime-nl] Call for Participants {AT} Noisy Square - Putting the Resistan
Douwe Schmidt on Mon, 24 Jun 2013 15:41:13 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Call for Participants {AT} Noisy Square - Putting the Resistance back in OHM

Dear Nettimers,

In a little bit over a month OHM2013 is happening in The Netherlands. There has been a lot of controversy in the run-up to this gathering. There was criticism of the involvement of tech security company Fox-IT, then there was a heated debate on the presence of Dutch High-tech Crime Unit in a village of their own. Both discussions have calmed down. But the relevance of these topics was clarified and reinforced.

The Noisy Square Village will be a great place at OHM for discussing these and many more topics revolving around netpolitics, liberation technologies and surveillance. We want to be the place for connecting techno-activists, hacktivists, people involved with circumvention tools, and everyone interested in anti-censorship and anti-surveillance technology. We will connect the NGO's which work in the field to the hackers and programmers who work  on machines. We believe that all technology is political, and that we need to discuss and question its development and usage as critically as possible.

This call for participation is meant to ask the community which topics must be addressed -- especially those which might go unnoticed or undiscussed . So if you would like to: present recent work, hold a discussion, do a demonstration, organize the largest key signing party ever, co-create a hackathon or booksprint, or something radically different:

Go to: https://cfp.ohm2013.org/

There you can make an account and submit your proposal. Please make sure to tag your proposal in the title with 'Noisy Square' so we can find it easily! 

If you already submitted content to OHM, but would like to present it with us at Noisy Square, just send us the title of your proposal.

Looking forward to the richness of you ideas!

Douwe Schmidt, Jurre van Bergen, and Sacha van Geffen,

The Noisy Square Village Team - "Because Revolutions don't happen in Silent Circles"

Organizations supporting the Noisy Square are:
- AccessNow
- Associated Whistle-Blowing Press
- Bits of Freedom
- Cryptocat
- Fairphone/Waag
- Free Press Unlimited
- Greenhost
- Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights
- Hivos
- The Internet Protection Lab
- Torservers.net
- Vrijschrift

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