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Florian Wuest on Sun, 27 Oct 2013 20:57:37 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] Crude Economy {AT} Impakt Festival Capitalism Catch 22, Utrecht


Impakt Festival – Capitalism Catch 22
30 October – 4 November 2013

Filmtheater ’t Hoogt en Theater Kikker, Utrecht, The Netherlands

A film series curated by Florian Wüst

Crude Economy revolves around the social and economic transformations in the 20th and early 21st century. The selected films—ranging from experimental cinema and video art to documentary, industrial and educational films—look at the processes of industrialization and modernization, with a special focus on the reconstruction of Western Europe after World War II. The media campaigns that accompanied the American Marshall Plan not only presented the success of the extensive aid programme, but promoted the increase in productivity and trade as prerequisites for growth and prosperity for all.

The premises of neo-liberalism that prevailed under the patronage of the state are a second topic. The shift of power from labour to capital—as David Harvey points out—was crucial for the centralization of wealth through the evolution of today's global financial system. Capital is not a ‘thing’ but a process in which money perpetually searches for more money. All capital circulation is highly speculative, and eludes purely rational comprehension. Excessive risk-taking and lack of responsibility towards a common good appears intrinsic to cyber capital. In the financial crisis of 2008, above all else the privatizing of profits and the socializing of losses showed the dominance of the banking sector over governments and people.

Besides discussing the ambivalence of our ways to work, make money, trade assets and consume, Crude Economy reflects on practices of resistance against the uneven distribution of wealth and opportunities, and the exploitation of human and natural resources which threatens to disintegrate societies all over the world.

Thu, 31 Oct, 19.00, Filmtheater ’t Hoogt 
Programme 1: Coal for Life
A Day in the Life of a Coal Miner, Kineto Production Company, GB 1910, 9'
Die Börsenkönigin (The Queen of the Stock Exchange), Edmund Edel, DE 1916, 52'
Inflation, Hans Richter, DE 1928, 3'
Last Men Standing, Sasha Maja Djurkovic, GB 2005, 17'

Fri, 1 Nov, 17.00, Filmtheater ’t Hoogt 
Programme 2: Free to Choose
Marketing, Pierre Long, FR/GB 1953, 17'
Free To Choose, Vol. 1 – The Power of the Market: The Pencil, Milton Friedman, US 1980, 2'30''
Lobbyists, Libia Castro & Ólafur Ólafsson, NL 2009, 19'
Kopfende Haßloch (Mapping the German), Jürgen Brügger & Jörg Haaßengier, DE 2006, 37'

Fri, 1 Nov, 19.00, Filmtheater ’t Hoogt 
Programme 3: Trading Places
Arrival, Mani Kaul, IN 1980, 19'
Ilha das Flores (Isle of Flowers), Jorge Furtado, BR 1989, 13'
Una Ciudad En Una Ciudad (A City Within A City), cylixe, DE 2012, 18'
unsupported transit, Zachary Formwalt, NL 2011, 14'
Paradise Later, Ascan Breuer, AT 2010, 13'

Sat, 2 Nov, 19.00, Filmtheater ’t Hoogt 
Programme 4: Magic of Markets
Hands, Ralph Steiner & Willard Van Dyke, US 1934, 4'
Nieuwe Gronden (New Earth), Joris Ivens, NL 1934, 28'
David Harvey: The Crises of Capitalism, RSA Animate, UK 2011, 11'
Fictions and Futures #1 – Happiness in the Abstract, Arne Hector & Minze Tummescheit, DE 2013, 35'

Sun, 3 Nov, 15.00, Theater Kikker
Programme 5: History of Progress
Men and Machines, Diana Pine, GB 1951, 17'
I am 20, S.N.S. Sastry, IN 1967, 14'
Utlänningar, Del 1: Båtar och Kanoner (Foreigners, Part 1: Ships and Guns), Peter Nestler, SE 1977, 44'
The Shutdown, Adam Stafford, GB 2009, 10'

Sun, 3 Nov, 17.00, Theater Kikker
Programme 6: Risks and Benefits
Nicht ohne Risiko (Nothing Ventured), Harun Farocki, DE 2004, 52'
The Anarchist Banker, Jan Peter Hammer, DE 2010, 30'

Sun, 3 Nov, 19.00, Filmtheater ’t Hoogt 
Programme 7: Creative Change
The Shoemaker and the Hatter, John Halas & Joy Batchelor, GB 1950, 16'
Shell Spirit, Geoffrey Jones, GB 1963, 2'
Tatort Fraport (Crime Scene: Fraport), David Ruf, DE 2009, 25'
The Residence (a wager for the afterlife), Vermeir & Heiremans, BE 2012, 37'

Filmtheater ’t Hoogt 
Hoogt 4

Theater Kikker
Ganzenmarkt 14 

Festival Hotline: + 31-30-2944163

Further information: www.impakt.nl/festival/2013-festival/program-2013-festival/

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