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Emma O'Hare on Fri, 2 May 2014 15:41:47 +0200 (CEST)

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Call for interaction designers, industrial designers, architects, media
artists and creative technologists who are working with the human body,
human senses, wearables or sensor technology and would like to co-create
new concepts together.

EVENT  {AT}  DEAF 2014: Thursday 22 May 2014, 10:00 â 20:00

Want to participate? Please send a mail to makers {AT} deaf.nl

Please include your name, a short background and professional skills, your
motivation to join and any previous knowledge of sensor technology and any
web links you may have (site/blog/linkedin/vimeo).

Costs: Students â 35,- / Professionals â 55,- (lunch, coffee / tea / cold
beverages, snacks are included)

Materials will be provided, but a laptop is recommended.


Various forms of extending human senses with the use of low-cost sensors
and easy-access networks are becoming available to more and more of us.
Artists and designers working with open tools (Arduino, Processing,
OpenFrameworks etc) are creating new interfaces to operate, perform and
navigate within networked environments.

Through technology we can sense new aspects of our surrounding and we can
enhance or distort our perception and interaction with the world around.

The Extended Senses Lab invites artists/designers working in the field to
develop a scenario or prototype, which explores ways we could experience
through and within these networks. Introduced and guided by Tomasz
Jaskiewitz <http://deaf.nl/PROGRAMME/artists-speakers/tomasz-jaskiewicz>
the participants will go hands-on, designing and developing ideas based on
current real-world situations, leading to immediately viable concepts.


This one-day lab is a hands-on work session during which a selected group
of makers will work on the design of a concept, prototype or scenario for
an artwork or product around the Extended Senses theme.

The result of the lab will be a presentation of a numbers of concepts for
artworks or products, which will be documented and presented to an audience.

This lab at DEAF Biennale is organised with the support of DEAF and The New
Institute and is part of FIBER<http://deaf.nl/PROGRAMME/artists-speakers/fiber>
âs *Coded Matter(s): Extended Senses* event, which takes place on the first
of June together with De Brakke Grond in Amsterdam.



*About the LAB leader: Tomasz Jaskiewicz*

Tomasz is an architect, interaction designer, academic researcher and
educator. Since 2005 he holds master degrees of architecture and urban
design from the Gdansk University of Technology and TU Delft. In 2013 he
finished his PhD research at TU Delft, Architecture, Hyperbody section,
where he developed an integrated design framework for development of
evolving interactive architectural ecosystems. In 2013 he also co-founded
the company Hive Systems, developing software solutions for design and
deployment of interactive systems, Since February 2014 he is assistant
professor of interactive design prototyping at the Industrial Design
Engineering faculty of TU Delft.


*About DEAF*

The tenth edition of DEAF (Dutch Electronic Art Festival) will take place
from Wednesday 21 May until Saturday 24 May 2014 at Het Nieuwe Instituut,
Museumpark 25 in Rotterdam.
The DEAF exhibition runs from 21 May to 9 June.

DEAF 2014 offers a rich and varied programme with a thematic exhibition,
seminars, lectures, workshops and performances. The theme for the 2014
edition is ÊThe Progess TrapÊ, the trap when technological innovation has
become a means to an end in itself and has been decoupled from the cultural
and social advances that it was supposed to help achieve.

DEAF 2014 proposes to view the innovations of our globalised world through
a critical lens.

For the full programme visit www.deaf.nl.

*About FIBER*

FIBER is an Amsterdam based organisation, that presents new developments in
audiovisual art, digital culture and the deeper corners of electronic
music. The team works year round with a vibrant network of artists,
designers and researchers to create artistic events and a festival. Special
attention goes out to the support of up and coming talents across numerous
creative disciplines. FIBER explores hybrid forms of art, the power of
media- and network technology, and encourages an exchange of views between
the makers and their audience. Their *Coded Matter(s)* event series
explores the explosion of digital processes taking place in culture and



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