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[Nettime-nl] Reminder and updated program - The Debt Drive, UvA, Amsterd
Celikates, Robin on Tue, 3 Jun 2014 08:50:05 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Reminder and updated program - The Debt Drive, UvA, Amsterdam, June 4-5

-- The Debt Drive --
Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, Neoliberalism

University of Amsterdam, June 4-5
PC Hoofthuis room 105, Spuistraat 134.
Sponsors: ASCA, NICA, Sandberg Institute

Organizers: Joost de Bloois (j.g.c.debloois {AT} uva.nl
<mailto:j.g.c.debloois {AT} uva.nl>), Robin Celikates (R.Celikates {AT} uva.nl
<mailto:R.Celikates {AT} uva.nl> ), Aaron Schuster (aaron_schuster {AT} yahoo.com
<mailto:aaron_schuster {AT} yahoo.com> )
June 4 (Spuistraat 134, room 105):
10-11hrs: Jodi Dean (Hobart and William Smith Colleges): Debt and
11-12hrs Discussion

12-13hrs lunch

13-14hrs: Mladen Dolar (University of Ljubljana, Jan van Eyck Academy): The
Quality of Mercy is Not Strained
14-15hrs Discussion

15-16hrs Samo TomÅiÄ (Humboldt University Berlin): The Capitalist Discourse:
from Marx to Lacan
16-17hrs Discussion

17-18hrs Round Table

June 5 (Spuistraat 134, room 105):
10-11hrs Eric Santner (University of Chicago): The Weight of All Flesh: On
the Subject-Matter of Political Economy

11-12hrs Discussion

12-13hrs lunch

13.00-14 hrs Marina Vishmidt (London): 'Less Than Nothing to Sell: From
Living Labour to Living Currency to Default'
14-15hrs Discussion

15-16hrs Alexei Penzin (Russian Academy of Sciences Moscow, Chto Delat):
When Thereâs No Time: An Ontological Hypothesis for 24/7 Capitalism

16-17hrs Discussion

17-18hrs Round Table


Robin Celikates
Department of Philosophy
University of Amsterdam
Oude Turfmarkt 145
1012 GC  Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Email: r.celikates {AT} uva.nl

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