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[Nettime-nl] Jeffrey Juris: Revisiting Occupy, UvA 30 Oct. 2014, 5-7pm
Geert Lovink on Mon, 27 Oct 2014 09:46:29 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] Jeffrey Juris: Revisiting Occupy, UvA 30 Oct. 2014, 5-7pm

> From: "Celikates, Robin" <R.Celikates {AT} uva.nl>
> Jeffrey Juris (Boston): Revisiting Occupy: Social Media, Public Space, and
> Emerging Forms of Civil Disobedience
> Thursday, 30 Oct. 2014, 5-7pm
> Location: Room F.001, Oudemanhuispoort, Universiteit van Amsterdam
> Oudemanhuispoort 4-6 | 1012 CN Amsterdam
> http://acgs.uva.nl/news-and-events/upcoming-events/item/jeffrey-juris-public
> -lecture.html
> Jeffrey Juris revisits the significance of the #Occupy Everywhere movements
> in 2011-12, examining the links between social media, public space, and
> emerging forms of civil disobedience in an increasingly transnational and
> digitised world.
> Whereas Internet listservs and websites helped give rise to a widespread
> logic of networking within the movements for global justice of the
> 1990sâ2000s, Jeffrey Juris argues that social media contributed to an
> emerging logic of aggregation in the more recent #Occupy movementsâone that
> involves the assembling of masses of individuals from diverse backgrounds
> within physical spaces. However, despite a shift toward more decentralised
> forms of organising and networking, the #Occupy movements proved largely
> unable to maintain their momentum following the eviction of #Occupy
> encampments around the world, raising important questions about the
> sustainability of social movements in an age of social media.
> Jeffrey Juris is an Associate Professor of Anthropology in the Department of
> Sociology and Anthropology at Northeastern University. He is the author of
> Networking Futures: the Movements against Corporate Globalization (Duke
> University Press, 2008), co-author of Global Democracy and the World Social
> Forums (Paradigm Press, 2008) and co-editor of Insurgent Encounters:
> Transnational Activism, Ethnography, and the Political (Duke University
> Press, 2013). He is currently writing a new book about media and autonomy
> based on fifteen months of ethnographic research on 'free' or pirate radio
> activism in Mexico City and beyond. 
> Admission is Free. The lecture will be followed by a drinks reception.
> This lecture takes place as part of the 'Civil Disobedience Beyond the
> State' workshop which is organised with the financial support of the
> Amsterdam Center for Globalisation Studies, the Amsterdam School for
> Cultural Analysis, the Department of Philosophy at the University of
> Amsterdam, and the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and
> Society, Berlin.
> âââââââââ
> Robin Celikates
> Department of Philosophy
> University of Amsterdam
> Oude Turfmarkt 145
> 1012 GC  Amsterdam
> The Netherlands
> Email: r.celikates {AT} uva.nl
> http://www.uva.nl/profiel/r.celikates

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