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Patrice Riemens on Tue, 30 Jun 2015 19:01:17 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] [Nictoglobe] From our Greece correspondent]

fwded as per request
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Subject: [Nictoglobe] From our Greece correspondent
From:    "Andreas Jacobs" <a.andreas {AT} nictoglobe.com>
Date:    Tue, June 30, 2015 13:00
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maybe of interest to some on this list....

Athens/Amsterdam June 29 2015
Santiago Sierra - The Hellenic peninsula devoured by pigs, Video (2012)
by Arelis Eleftherios

--Videostill from The Hellenic Peninsula Devoured By Pigs
Athens/Amsterdam June 29 2015 Pigs eating peninsulas of food shaped like
Greece, Portugal, Spain or Italy.
P.I.G.S as we know from the - northern - European press are the countries
of the mediterranean member states of the European Union (EU): Portugal,
Italy, Greece and Spain. Sierra changes the term showing pigs as symbol of
prosperity, filth [ see the scandal of Siemens, Germany in Greece ] and
greediness from the rich ex-colonial powers of greater Europe and their
financial violence.




see below for Arelis personal remarks on the current situation in Greece:

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From: eleftherios arelis <elarelis5 {AT} gmail.com>
Date: 25 juni 2015 13:11:17 CEST
To: Andreas Jacobs <a.andreas {AT} nictoglobe.com>
Subject: Re: santiago sierra 2

i dont have a problem on that..... imf and comission have reduced the
last 5 years
the value of euro in greece at least 7 times with a variation of taxies....
we pay taxies for municipalities 60 euro per 2 months in the bill of
they wanted enfia [350 euros per year for a house]as an income for
municipalities i mean the ex government of samaras and imf but we pay
indeed taxies for our houses...the new liberal marietta yiannakou
koutsikou supports this idea to pay a double taxies for the houses
that we stay with the blessing of imf and comission...imf,central
european bank and comission are telling lies to their nations that
they do not demand austerity measures from the greek government.they
want to caught ekas that it is being estimated from 30 until 240 euros
approximatelly for pensioners of 300 euro or 400
euro....they want to increase fpa in electricity 10% and a greek
famigle with 4 members to pay 700 euros per 2 months only for
electricity...they want the privatization of eydap and to pay not 100
euros but 200 euros or 300...
they disagreed with the suggestion of tsipras for the 29% taxies of the
of huge companies due to their colonial new liberal spirit that
dominates their mind and their body and spirit....they asked only 28%
for the profits of huge companies
protecting the foreighner and greek capitalists....they are telling
lies to their citizens and this must have an ending now...donald tusk
spoken for that this bad joke must end by the greek
government...donald tusk shall ask from christine lagarde to stop
jokings,terrorism  and bullying against greek nation...now...before it
is too late for all of us...
tsipras made his realistic proposals with a huge cost but they want to
humiliate syriza as the previous governments because they are afraid
other political movements such as podemos in spain or lepen on
france...a new sacred alliance[1815] was born in europe that wants to
strangulate national or leftists movements and they use greece as an
example of destruction...they ask  irrational measures and if germany
likes so much imf then it must proceed on new programmes with
austerity measures made by imf.on the german nation to see that imf is
a nightmare with out ending..
imf is like nazis who occupied greece in the 40s...they destroy
countries and they dont rebuild them...the debt of greece is
extremelly huge 320 billion euros and the funds ask now 11 billion
euros with measures...and they have the nerve to call themselfs as
flexibles...if they were not flexibles they would have asked from
greece to pay and the 320 billions in 1 year....matteo renzi has right
when he says that some dark cycles wishes the exit from eurozone...we
can not pay this debt...
it is impossible under these circumstances...greece will default with
certainty after these measures if they become realite...they gain only
time the european leaders...
only time nothing else...they want to increase fpa to 23% in the food
and energy...
that means that greeks will loose again 10% of their national
income...only from that measure...from electricity greeks will loose
another 10% of their income...from caughting pensions and salaries
another 10 and so goes on...imf doesnt stop its irrational demands
from the greek nation...what they are proposing is default with other
words...and some greeks are hypnotized by new democracy, pasok and the
potami who serve imf with a very good way and they say if we go to
drachma we will loose the 80% of our income...in the last 5 years i
ask from these corrupted parties how many times the income inside
eurozone had reduced;;;800%...the money of greeks is being transferred
to the central european bank and imf and some persons are getting
richer taking advantage off the situation..

all the best from greece

arelis .

2015-06-22 21:20 GMT+03:00, Andreas Jacobs <a.andreas {AT} nictoglobe.com>:
hi Arelis

is it ok to share your post to nettime.nl?


Sent from my eXtended BodY

On 22 jun. 2015, at 13:02, eleftherios arelis <elarelis5 {AT} gmail.com> wrote:

dear andreas

for the consequences i dont know...but when the imf, the central european
and comission refer to the reforms they mean more austerity measures....
more unemployed people...par example in the educational system this
year they will not hire noone...many teachers are unemployed as you
can understand

more expensive products...with euro we had reduced the value of bying
and cell many times the last 15 years....it is like we have drachmas
but to reduce the power of drachma each year 30%....this policy is
we pay taxies for the unemployed 30% taxies for the rents 10% taxies
for the house that we live...taxies for the income of course and they
ask more and more taxies
having as a result the people to take money from their accounts to pay
that have a direction to pay imf .and greeks become poorer and poorer each
and the general feeling is that our money go to the germany and imf.to
pay the loans that greece ows to imf, european countries and general
central european bank of draggi.
this situation has not an ending because the measures do not resolve
the problem

par example electricity for 4 people it is 400 euros per 2 months with
23% fpa that they ask we will pay 100 euros more
per 2 months....they want to make private the industry of water and to
pay more money for this privatization....they want also to cut even
and the smallest
pensions and salaries that are 300 euros per month...
in the end all they will work freely as you can understand with out
any salary or pension in the future because the unemployed are 30% of
population or even more.

greece needs investements package not loans with out ending as the 3
foundations ask from greece
tsipras tries to make them to understand this but they dont....
they insist on the wrong medecine for greek economy and things are
getting worse and worse

any questions on these topics;;;


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