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[Nettime-nl] Hacks/Hackers - Refugee Hackathon - 4-6 Feb
Gloerich, Inte on Tue, 26 Jan 2016 09:48:02 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] Hacks/Hackers - Refugee Hackathon - 4-6 Feb

Hacks/Hackers Amsterdam organiseert van 4 t/m 6 Februari een ‘Refugee Hackathon’ in het A Lab.

Hier meer info in het Engels:

Why a Refugee Hackathon?

Hacks/Hackers Amsterdam wants to help solve problems that refugees experience. We are getting migrants, refugees and locals – techies, creatives and journalists – together to work on this.

The three-day event will be kicked off on February 4 with a film screening of We are Here,  a new documentary that follows a group of refugee activists in Amsterdam. Following the screening, a discussion will be held that explores the role of the media in covering refugee and migrant issues and how this group is currently represented in the media.

From February 5-6, the hackathon will be held and will features projects that try to address different problems related to migrants and refugees. Projects can vary from developing tools, building hardware, creating websites and apps to design and translation. Some projects aim to provide migrants and refugees access to information and connectivity, such as the Safety Lab and the Wifi Hotspot, while others such as the Interview Simulation aim to sensitize people in the community to experiences of migrants and refugees.

People can also pitch project ideas at the start of the hackathon. Every project will have a group of dedicated hacks and hackers who will spend the two days working together and present their creations on the final day.

To find out more or join, go to http://hackshackers.nl/


Inte Gloerich

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences | HvA

i.gloerich {AT} hva.nl<mailto:i.gloerich {AT} hva.nl>

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